About Ceiga Magazine
Ceiga is a magazine focused on computer generated 3D art. It differs from the other similar magazines with its’ fashion/photography design and also eliminates some technical information that others might include. Ceiga removes the intimidating, 'geeky' barrier and just focuses on exposes the creative talent of great 3D artists. Below is how it all began.

During my second year of MTD (Multimedia Technology & Design) at the University of Kent I decided to do the unthinkable, to do the thing that about 99% of the class didn't even consider as an option... I took a year in industry.

Thus, a three year course became a four year course and the professional working world was open to an inexperienced design student. To my surprise about six other people also took a year in industry, so my initial statement of 99% should have been around 93% – but I digress. I spent my year working for a small company (which now no longer exists) called 'Perfect', an Asian lifestyle magazine. I worked as a designer, as the only designer and someone who had spent their late teenage years neck deep in 3D modelling software I had an incredibly steep learning curve ahead.

Layouts with InDesign, web development with Dreamweaver, retouching with Photoshop these are the main technical skills I had to learn whilst on the job; most of which I'd started learning already during the course but the level of familiarity required with these programmes for my role needed to be of at least a mid level designer not a 2nd year graduate. Being the sole designer I had to learn most of these skills myself, fun.

As well as technical skills I developed a passing interest in the fashion industry which didn't surprise me as I was surrounded by numerous issue of Vouge, Tattler, Harpers Bazaar and magazines of the like. I didn't just develop an interest in the clothes and designers – I began to notice the types of fonts being used, the photography, use of white spaces and the unique layout of the magazines. I especially enjoyed the 'fashion stories'. Fashion stories are a set of pages that consist of images that follow a specific theme. Each page usually shows the name of the designer, clothes and sometimes the hair and makeup artists.

After my placement year and being leaps and bounds ahead of my piers in certain skills I had come up with an idea. An idea to feature images produced by 3D artists in a different way than most other publications did with the hope of showing these impressive images in a new light, a less 'geeky' one using design techniques from fashion magazines, thus – Ceiga was born.

Richard Bray