Brilliant work by Slava Zhuravlev on this model, great detailed looking tetxtures and lighting.

Cap’n Shmelly and the Sperm Whale

Very well animated, funny short film by the team at Omens Studios.

NFL Sunday Ticket – The Mill

The Mill worked with Grey and MJZ director Matthijs Van Heijningen on a series of spots for DIRECTV’s ‘Most Powerful Fan’ campaign promoting its new NFL Sunday Ticket feature. ‘Landing’ is the first spot in the campaign, featuring a Philadelphia Eagles fan whose devotion has an “earth-shattering” effect on the neighborhood. We look at the behind-the-scenes R&D that made the spot’s photo-real visual effects possible.

My Big Brother

Brilliant short animation by Jason Rayner and everyone else involved. Great use of music and block style modelling.

Lamborghini – Jorge Fernandez

Holy Cow! This Lamborghini render by Jorge Fernandez looks absolutely amazing. Great lighting and modelling work, would love to see a making of video.

Ceiga Plus – Free!

Check out the first issue of Ceiga Plus now for free.

WXD Wired By Design

Very nice, clean advert for Wired directed by Patrick Clair. The lighting in this in incredible.