Xbox Forza, Leave Your Limits VFX Breakdown

Great making of video by MPC for their work on Fora Horizon 2. Not as much cg as I thought there was but still a good piece. Check out the original here.


Very impressive Self Portrait by Ian Spriggs. Really like the detail in the texture and the lighting in the image.

Making Of, Where We Belong – Fedde Le Grand

I’ve seen this video a few times but never really thought about how it was made. Great making of video by Thiago Porto and everyone else involved. Check out the original video here.

Nike Colordry

Like what Royal have done with this advert for Nike. Great use of particle effects, colour and music.

Inside Out Official Teaser

I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this until now. Very interesting looking teaser for Pixar’s upcoming film. I wonder where they will go with this one.

Sonos – Full

Really like how these living rooms have been transformed by music, very impressive work by the team at 1stAveMachine for Sonos.

Master Your 3D Pen! – 3DTotal

After 5 successfully funded Kickstarter projects the guys at 3DTotal have but a new one together, and this one is a must buy for those into 3D Printing.