Bears on Stairs

Fantastic experiment by DBLG using a 3D printer for a stop motion animation.

Brink (Short Film)

Beautiful short film by Shawn Christensen, like the idea of having everything eventually float away. Would loved to have seen the humans float.

Treo Fiskur

Very cool short film by Lucie Delvaux, Alissa Bécavin, Noémie Cauvin, Tristan Hélaine and Sullivan Vanderlinden. Great modelling, lighting and rendering.

The Advent of Real-time – The-Neighbourhood

Driven by hardware advances made in the games console arms race, and a desire for property developers to stand out from the crowd, real-time technology is finding greater relevancy. It’s not a particularly new concept in architectural visualisation, but it has often been dismissed as ‘gimmicky’ and lacking the fidelity we are able to produce in our traditional, high-resolution renders. The release of Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) has reignited the real-time debate, as well as some in-house R&D. Has the technology matured, or is it still the preserve of the Playstations and Xboxes?


Great advert for Diesel by the team at Digital District. Great slow motion effect, vfx and use of music.

Rock Heads

I don’t post images on the blog that often but I really like what Nicolas Delille has done with this photographs by Ludovic Ismaël. Would love to see some before and after images.

Alien Isolation CGI Trailer

Fantastic CG trailer for Alien Isolation by Axis Animation, really like the fact they’ve made the Xenomorph more agile than the one in the film.