POLIS – Steven Ilous/Daniel Perea (Prototype)

Really impressive short film directed by Steven M. Ilous and SMI Entertainment. Really like the environment design.

STAT Boxing

Great work by Digital Unit on this advert for STAT Boxing. Like the motion graphic work and the particles at the end.

La Detente

I posted a trailer for this short a while ago and completely forgot to follow up on it. Very impressive short film by the team at Not to Scale.

NISSAN – “JUKE Colour Studio”

Very cool work by the team at Blackbird on this advert for Nissan. Amazing use of particle and fluid effects. Check out the vfx breakdown video below.

Old Spice | Dadsong

Brilliant work on this advert for Old Spice by the team at The Mill. I’m not a fan of the stretch arm scene near the end but still a very good piece.

GDF “Dolce vita” – Bruno Aveillan

For some reason QUAD have posted a bunch of videos directed by Bruno Aveillan and this visually impressive advert for Gaz de France is one of them.


Very cool experimentation work by Mathieu GĂ©rard. I wonder what he used to create this?