Very beautiful work by the team at Analog and MLF on this piece. I’m not sure if it’s a music video but the music works well with the short. Check out the making of video here.

Nike “Tiempo”

So this is how Nike make their trainers. Brilliant advert by the team at Glassworks.


Brilliant artistic work by Analog on this piece for Meridian Audio. Really like the particle effects.


Here’s something different. A very well lit and rendered scene of two insects. Love the cinematography and slow motion work by Ramteen.

MeatBrains Short Movie

Very good graduation film by these Bellecour Entertainement students. Like the futuristic story and the use of music. Be sure to click on CC for English subtitles.


Impressive short film on this mystical creature and a soldier in the woods. Like the vfx work.

Total War Attila Trailer

The voice acting in this trailer is brilliant, so it the rendering and character animation. Very cool work by the team at Creative Assembly.