Volvo Concept Coupe

Really impressive work by the team at Edithouse Film Works on this concept piece for Volvo. Great camera angles and lighting work.

Universal Everything. Vision Hall

Really impressive work by the team at Universal Everything on this media wall at Hyundai. Would really like to know how the made some of them.

Ceiga Issue 19 Released

I’m happy to release the latest issue of Ceiga forsuing on the work of Munich based studio Ignyte.

Stina & the Wolf Cinematic Trailer

Great looking trailer for Stina & the Wolf. The animation work in this trailer is brilliant, I don’t think I’ve seen human movement in a cg film look this realistic. Can’t wait to see the full film.

BMW M4 – Ultimate Racetrack

Fantastic work by The Embassy on this piece. I’m not sure if it’s an advert for BMW or not but it’s very impressive nevertheless.

The Neighbourhood – Don’t believe the CGI

This might seem an odd thing to say from someone who is in the image business.

A few years ago on a family holiday, we booked a stay in a ‘beautiful’ Lake District cottage. In a time pre-google street view, the photographs of the property on the landlord’s website were all we had to go off, showcasing the beautiful setting and the idyllic coastal views. Only when we arrived at the cottage, did we find that all these photographs had been taken looking in one direction, so as to not include the nuclear power station dominating the view in the other!

Nissan – Almera Winter

Brilliant work by the team at One More for Nissan. Great vfx work and use of music.