Ford “Christmas wishes”

Really impressive work by the team at Santa Transmedia on this advert for Ford. Never seen a video where the gifts get human presents, great idea.

Portrait of Sylvia

Brilliant portrait of Sylvia Geersen by Jung Won Park. Like the detail in the clothes and hair.

Fallout vs Skyrim

Whoa such a great short film, having played both games I really like the references to them used in this short. Great vfx and filming work by Andrew Films.

McDonalds Happy – Buck

Very cool work by the team at Buck on these adverts for McDonalds happy meal characters.

Chimpfall Bingle – The Mill

Great work by the team at The Mill as usual on this advert for Bingle. I don’t think PETA will bee too happy with this.

Tiger eat fish

Incredibly image by Antonio Peres Vieira Filho of a Tiger with a fish in it’s mouth. Looks incredibly realistic, especially the splashing water and fur on the tiger.

Message In A Bottle

Brilliant short film by the team at Blue Zoo, really like the use of colour, transitions and the cell shaded graphics.


Very cool short visual poem by Judith Veenendaal and everyone else involved. Great cinematography, use of music and vfx.

Travelers Insurance “15 Discounts”

Very cool work by Blind on this advert for Travelers. Great paper unfolding effect and use of colour.

Chappie Official Trailer 2

Another great trailer for Chappie, this one gives me a better understanding of the film than the first.


Wow, truly fantastic work by the team at Peak Pictures on this film. Great rendering, animation, lighting and use of sound. I still have no idea what was written on that lottery ticket.

Texas Lottery – A Million Stories

Very cool work by the team at The Mill on this advert for Texas Lottery. Great stop motion in 3D effect.