5 Questions for Trizz Studio

It’s always exciting to talk to a new studio and hear about their fresh ideas. In this 5 question interview we talk to Christopher Vulpi from Trizz Studio about their latest work for Nika Gold Watches. The advert took about 3 months to make and was created using Maya, Maxwell, rendering and Smoke for the Mac.

1) First of all could you tell me a bit about Trizz Studio and what you do?

Trizz was founded in 2010, with our sales studio in Düsseldorf and the Design studio in Barcelona. The three partners have been working together for 5 years and following up on a bunch of fun jobs together, decided it was the moment to join forces permanently. We are Oriol Puig, Javier Esteban, and myself, Chris Vulpi.

Our background is a mix of VFX, Creative direction & design, Postproduction and vfx Direction and supervision. We are a team of passionate idea people with years of technical knowledge – which incidentally, we are finding is really useful in merging experiences into other forms of vfx, like installations, projection mappings, interactive (open frame) and other fun things that can show up in screens, as sculptures or on architecture.

2) Let’s focus on the advert you made for Nika Gold watches. What processes did you use to animate the gold bars?

Our aim was in Establishing the basis of the animation as “organic” and “mechanical” and developing the growth. Using the most mechanisms we could in order to reach a maximum of elements (because watches are inherently made of lots of tiny, beautiful and crafted parts) and at the same time, making the images flow and breathe – which help to tell the story.

3) What were the problems you encountered whilst making the advert?

We sketched, pre-designed and created in 3d a very developed vision of the elements and animation

How the gold transforms into this maximum form, completing itself as a watch and then returning back to a gold bar – was always very clear for us.

One particular challenge was that we were not to show certain parts of the watch due to trade secrets, even if out of context. So we had to modify our original ideas. Also as it often happens – when you are animating you have to keep the flow with an open mind to what’s best for the production and the client.

As this was the clients first major tvc, Trizz were constantly in the position of holding the clients hands, helping them feel secure about such a new and possibly risky visual approach. Looking back we had a great experience and enjoyed the full support of the production, agency and client. Great news after the fact is that Nika have sold out of their product!

4) If you were to do the advert again knowing what you know now, what would you change?

Not much. It went remarkably well.

5) So what does the future hold for Trizz Studio? Do you plan to get into films or just stick to adverts?

We love to create. These days, “everywhere” reveals a palette to show up on.
We look at the places or ideas and think about the customers needs, and develop treatments, conceive visuals, use advanced vfx systems, and talk a lot about what we like and don’t like.

For us, the diversity of our business is really exciting. We receive requests to consult, Direct, conceptualise, invent and curate. Working in Film, TV, web and events are definitely places where we will continue to show up.

One of our goals is to nurture diversity – as much as possible, whilst managing a forum where we can continue to conduct our vision.

We have currently completed a concept and designs for an online 3d game, are in production on two new mappings, a devices interactive event -á la minority report- with Open frameworks paving the way. We are on 3 tvc campaign in 2K which will be extremely photo-real and organic and rendered for Stereo 3d viewing. We are also creating a new remote controlled, helium UFO for a famous rock bands world tour; preparing an image film for a leading lighting company and in a pretty unique pitch to brand an amusement park. Did I mention the 3d growing hair thing too? well, save it for later…

If you’ll ask me how all this comes together I’d have to just say it’s about our interests, some risk, honesty and passion. and…

Fun fun fun!

A great big Thank You goes to Chris for taking the time to answer these questions. I have a feeling these guys will be doing some great things in the future so be sure to keep an eye on them. Until next time.