André Luis – Trojan Horse was a Unicorn

I’ve seen a lot about Trojan Horse was a Unicorn via Vimeo. It always looks like a fun and energetic event. Now thanks to André Luis one of the founders of the event I now have a much better understanding of that the event is and so will you after you read this interview.

1) I know as an organiser it must be difficult to enjoy the event as it happens but when you do get to see it, what is your favourite part of it?

It is in fact really hard to enjoy an event as it’s happening if you’re part of the organization team, especially if it’s an event like THU where there’s so much going on at the same time and you don’t get to sleep at all for 7 days in a row! I think my favorite part of it all is the last day, the final party, when I can see what we’ve created and how happy and satisfied everyone is, and finally relax.

2) In terms of organising THU, what are the most stressful parts to sort out?

The most stressful part is probably managing the speakers. So many things can change since we announce new speakers right up until the event itself begins! Their agendas may vary and you need to be ready to have a replacement of the same level for them, and this is not easy at all.

3) There are many 3D artist focused events around the world, what makes yours so different?

Our focus is actually in Creativity, not in a specific field. We are not a concept art or a 3D or an animation event. We are the ultimate experience for artists and creators of all kinds.

4) Is there anything you do to maintain the fun THU vibe that carries on from event to event?

There are so many things we do, the most important of which is showing that everything is possible at THU and that the TRIBE has a voice during the organization. We share success stories, as well as all the processes and details of THU in the making with the tribe. It’s truly magical.

5) How would you say THU encourages attendees to make new friends?

THU is all about friendship and inspiration. It’s hugely important. The first rule of THU is, “If you see someone alone, please go and talk to that person”. We tell that to the tribe in the opening ceremony. Also, THU is a place where you meet people who share your ambitions, doubts, and fears, so it makes it easy to relate to one another.

6) What advice would you give to someone attending THU for the first time?

Be yourself. Learn and share as much as possible and, of course, sleep. This is something that people often forget to do, getting carried away by the excitement, but really, try to sleep at least 5 hours a day to be able to make the most of your experience in Portugal.

7) Is there anything inherently Portuguese about the event in terms of food, atmosphere, etc?

Of course, it’s part of the magic – we provide amazing cuisine and incredible wine. And we can’t forget Troia, the location. A 15km sandy beach on the Atlantic Ocean. What’s more Portuguese than that? I think it’s a key element for THU’s success.

8) What else do you recommend visiting in Portugal around the place THU takes place?

Lisbon and Setubal are two incredibles cities close-by. Normally the attendees and speakers stay an extra 2 or 3 days to enjoy them, especially Lisbon.

Wow, sun, beach, food, and great company. What more could you want from an artist focused event, I kinda wish I was going now. Interested? Grab a ticket here. THU_header-1200x400