Editors’ Picks

Klaus teaser

I honestly took me a while to figure out if this was 2D or 3D – it’s soo well meshed together. Brilliant work by SPA Studios on the teaser for this film, can’t wait to see the full thing.


I know I’ve posted a few videos regarding this short but I’m assured by Alf that this is the final version. Seriously fantastic work, good enough to be in a feature film. Check out the making of here.

Vin Sculpt

Wow, really impressive work Sandeep.V.S, looks so realistic. I wonder how many polys the whole thing is.

2015 Honda Civic range

Such a brilliant advert by the team at MPC, like the use slow motion, colour and music. Need to find a case study of this.


Wow, such a great short film. The colours and music go perfectly together. Brilliant work by Kim Taylor, might send him a few interview question to find out how he did it.

UWA – Pursue Impossible

So did the lady in this advert actually do this much running or did she have a stunt double. Great post production work by Last Pixel.

Shell ‘Shapeshifter’

Very very impressive work by Framestore on this advert for Shell. The creature animation, debris and rendering on the monster is as good as a high budget blockbuster film, and the sound effects are also really well out together, definitely one of the best ads I’ve see this year.


Great short film/teaser trailer by Alf Lovvold and everyone else involved. I’ve been slowly following the progress of this and I know how much work went into it, I’m glad it all came together nicely. Read the interview of this short here.

Lincoln – Journey

There’s not a whole lot of CG in this advert but there is a subtle amount of it and the cinematography is beautiful, great work by Christopher Hewitt and everyone else involved.


Whoa, such an impressive fan made film by Joseph Kahn and everyone else involved. Love the mature take on Power Rangers, someone needs to show this to the guys at Netflix.

SuperSport “RED”

Fantastic work by the team by Ensemble on this advert for Super Sport. Must have taken a long time to composite the red objects in each scene. Also really like the cinematography and scene transition, reminds me of Sin City.

Le Gouffre

These brilliant short films come every once in a while and I’m glad they do. Brilliant work by Lightning Boy Studio on putting this together, great use of music, animation, and rendering. Such a sad ending.