Editors’ Picks

Fallout vs Skyrim

Whoa such a great short film, having played both games I really like the references to them used in this short. Great vfx and filming work by Andrew Films.


Wow, truly fantastic work by the team at Peak Pictures on this film. Great rendering, animation, lighting and use of sound. I still have no idea what was written on that lottery ticket.

IKEA – T-Shirts

Incredibly impressive advert for IKEA by MPC and Blink, I can’t imagine how much work went into making the clothes animate realistically and with weather effects on top of that. Would really love to see a making of video.

Russian Odyssey – Winter Olympics

This is super impressive, love the cinematography, use of music and visual effects. Brilliant direction work by Arman Yahin and vfx by Main Road Post.

Home Sweet Home

Fantastic short film made by these students from Supinfocom Arles. Great story, animation and sound work. I’ve seen this flying around and I’m surprised it took me this long to watch it. Find out more about the film here.

The Crew launch trailer

Fantastic work by the team at Unit Image on the trailer for The Crew. I hope the game is as good as this looks.


This short didn’t end the way I expected it to. Very clever short film by Identity Visuals, you understand the whole thing without any words.

Le Son des Flammes

Brilliant work by these Lisaa Animation students. Great mixture of 2D and 3D elements.


Brilliant short film put together by Hasraf HaZ Dulull and everyone else involved. Like the motion graphics animations on the Sync’s helmet.

Into Dusk – Short Film

Wow such a powerful short film, says so much without saying a lot. Fantastic work by Jason Ho and everyone else involved.


Very impressive short film by directors (a) TWIN (thing) and everyone else involved. Really like the way the story was revealed and the silent main character.

Space cat Hob

Fantastic independent short film by Loïc bramoullé, Pyramid, Olivier Michelot, Delapost Paris and everyone else involved. Would like to know how they came up with the idea for this.