Summer House – Marco Garfì
summer house burgenland_02 1920x1246-min

Wow, very impressive work on these architectural visualisations by Marco Garfì. The work on lighting and foliage is fantastic.

Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken – ‘Stagley’

Fantastic work on this image by the team at Taylor James. Check out the making of video on their site which has a few behind the scenes images.

Batman Arkham Knight PS4 Photo Mode shots

I’ve been talking about doing this for a while and finally got round to it. I’ve found these pictures from a Neogaf forum. So good – let me know if you want me to do more of these, and feel free to submit images to me.

3D Portrait of Annasophia Robb
Portrait of AnnaSophia Robb

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a3D image mainly because I don’t look at many of them, but this one really caught my eye. Amazing work by Hossein Diba.

Vin Sculpt

Wow, really impressive work Sandeep.V.S, looks so realistic. I wonder how many polys the whole thing is.

like Founder – Raorohith

Whoa, very impressive caricature of Mark Zuckerberg by Raorohith. Impressive sculpting, material and rendering work.

The legendary moment

Very cool image by Mohammad Hossein Attaran. Amazing attention to detail and great camera angle. I wonder what that creature he’s trying to grab is?

Jupiter Ascending – Slave Woman

Very impressive work by Luca Nemolato for Jupiter Ascending, I haven’t heard good things about the film but the detail in this model may be work watching just to see.

Touch Of God

Whoa, very cool work by Daniel Sian on this image. Really like the influence of the Sims.

Ghost Rider – Rodrigo Soria

Very cool work by Rodrigo Soria on these images of Ghost Rider. Great amount of detail and great use of vfx in each image.

Portrait of Sylvia

Brilliant portrait of Sylvia Geersen by Jung Won Park. Like the detail in the clothes and hair.

Tiger eat fish

Incredibly image by Antonio Peres Vieira Filho of a Tiger with a fish in it’s mouth. Looks incredibly realistic, especially the splashing water and fur on the tiger.