Jupiter Ascending – Slave Woman

Very impressive work by Luca Nemolato for Jupiter Ascending, I haven’t heard good things about the film but the detail in this model may be work watching just to see.

Touch Of God

Whoa, very cool work by Daniel Sian on this image. Really like the influence of the Sims.

Ghost Rider – Rodrigo Soria

Very cool work by Rodrigo Soria on these images of Ghost Rider. Great amount of detail and great use of vfx in each image.

Portrait of Sylvia

Brilliant portrait of Sylvia Geersen by Jung Won Park. Like the detail in the clothes and hair.

Tiger eat fish

Incredibly image by Antonio Peres Vieira Filho of a Tiger with a fish in it’s mouth. Looks incredibly realistic, especially the splashing water and fur on the tiger.

Cross Section – Gaurav Kumar

Great incredibly detailed image by Gaurav Kumar. How cool would it be to actually live in a house like this.

Summer rain in the city

Ridiculously impressive work by Marcin Jastrzebski on this image. I wonder what techniques he used to render the scene and create the rain?

Elise – Assassin’s Creed Unity

Very impressive work by Christopher Dormoy art director at Ubisoft. Really like the use of colours, lighting and visual effects.


Really impressive work by the guys at Saddington Baynes on these images for 02. I still don’t understand what they mean by ‘Be More Dog’.

Portrait of Heidi

Whoa! Very impressive work by Ian Spriggs. I don’t know how he does it but he gets photorealistic renders every time.

Dharmachakra – Another Turn of the Wheel

Fantastic work on this impressive image by Hugues Giboire. Great modelling, lighting and use of colours.

Telltale’s Game of Thrones Screenshots

Just stumbled across these images this morning and I’m impressed by how they look, better than I expected. Sorry a bit of a personal blog post.