A Woman’s Portait

Amazing work by Minjeong Shin on this model, fantastic lighting, modelling and rendering.


Really awesome arch vis work by Leandro Silva. Looks incredibly photo realistic.

The work of Pedro Silva

I’m so happy Pedro shared his work with me it all looks fantastic. Unfortunately I can’t post everything here but if you want to see more check out his Facebook page.

Old Sound

Really great model by Jorge Fernandez. Really like the amount of detail on the model and the use of lighting.

Hague Apartment – Ângelo Fernandes

Wow absolutely brilliant work by Ângelo Fernandes on these images, they’re very well lit and modelled. Love the detail on the book shelve render and the creases on the bed.

Vertu Constellation

Great work by Taylor James on these images for Vertu. I didn’t know there was a luxury phone brand, I bet the phones are running Android. Take a look at the rest of the images here.

The Stealth Barn – Mark Staddon

Wow, brilliant work by Mark Staddon on these images. Like the gloomy atmosphere he’s given to the scene.

you picked up the –wrooooong– bed monster

Awesome image by Aamir, so much is going on in this one scene. Love the stylised characters; modelling and lighting.