Fairbairn House by Inglis Architects
Fairbairn House 1

Very impressive architectural visualisation work by Mark Staddon. Great rendering and work on the foliage.

Sunshine After Rain

Whoa, very impressive work by Dulce Paes on these images. The way the sunlight hits the objects in the flat is pretty much spot on.

Shell CGI visuals

Really like these simple images for Shell by the guys at Shadowplay. Does anyone know what the second image is supposed to be.

Split House
Split hosue exterior Split hosue interior CA

Brilliant work by Rakan Jandali on these images, really like the use of lighting, the design of the chairs and the footprints in the snow.

M&M House

Very impressive work from Leandro Silva. Great amount of details in the foliage and sky, also – fantastic lighting.

Faraday 3D

Brilliant looking images by Igor Bobkov of Faraday 3D. Great detail and use of lighting. (more…)

Doll Beauty Salon

Great looking image by Raorohith, wonder what the story behind it is.