Making 3D models interactive in the web

When I first saw and played about with Sketchfab a few years ago I was incredibly impressed with what I saw. 3D models in the browser wasn’t something that was really seen at that time and they’ve come a long way since then. I’ve managed to get an interview with Alban Denoyel the Co-founder & CEO.

Andrew Baker, Creature Designer at Weta – 3DTotal

We’re pretty envious of Andrew Baker. The Creature and Character Designer studied at New Zealand’s Wanganui School of Design before migrating to LA to work on Sega’s game Golden Axe: Beast Rider and facial modelling for Image Metrics. He then returned to the land under the land down under (New Zealand, in case that doesn’t make sense) to work alongside Weta’s legendary co-founder and co-director Richard Taylor. We had a chat with Andrew about how he gets things done, what it’s like to work at Weta Workshop, as well as his guitar and skateboarding skills!

Legend of the Flying Tomato – Aurry Tan

The first time I saw Legend of the Flying Tomato I got that feeling you get when you see a good Pixar film. It’s such a professionally put together short 3D film, one that comes once in a blue moon. I’ve interviewed Aurry Tan, one of the three students who put this together (the others being Michael Yates & Sharon Huang) to find out how it was made.

Making an artistic short film with CINEMA4D

I really liked the short film Porcelain by Erik Andersson as soon as I saw it. Great use of music, particle effects and lighting. I’ve manage ask the creator the reasons behind the short film.

Rendering Warhammer in real-time with Cryengine

I’m if you’ve seen the The Lord Inquisitor – “Grey Knights” teaser you were impressed with the production quality of the fan made film and was a tiny bit curious of how it was put together. I’ve manage to get an interview with Erasmus Brosdau, the German based creator and director of the teaser.

Ignyte – Leif Petersen

Ignyte are a brilliant production studio based in Munich who have created some absolutely impressive pieces of work. I’ve managed to get an interview with the owner of the studio Leif Petersen.

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Take On An Idea – Fredrik Kasperi

I don’t know if you’ve seen the short film Take On An Idea but it’s a very impressive short film put together by Swedish artist Fredrik Kasperi. Here’s an interview to find out why and how he put it together.

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