Great use of VFX in this sort film by Pallas Pictures and Charles Willcocks. I wish the robot didn’t commit suicide at the end 🙁

Behind the Scenes of Future Ready

Very interesting concepts from the team at Dell by Framestore. I wonder how possible it is for all this things to be created.


Very cool trailer for short film OUTSIDE by Shed. I’ve posted this quite late so if the film has already been released please let me know.

Sugar Army – Battles

I don’t usually post music videos on the blog but this one caught my attention as it the visuals were created using the Unreal Engine, which is the first time I’ve heard it being used for something like this. Great work by Spacescan.

San Pellegrino ‘Dining By Starlight’

Fantastic work by Studio AKA on this advert for San Pellegrino. Loving the mixture of 2D and 3D as usual.

Pete’s Dragon – Official US Trailer

Liking the look of this film, still slightly disappointed Disney are moving towards more live action stuff but hopefully this will be good.

Unity Adam demo – the full film

Remember that trailer released for Unity a while ago? Well this is the full film. Still super confusing.

Nissan Rogue – Rocky Road

Great advert by the team at Radke and everyone else involved.

Nike LunarEpic Flyknit

Very interesting piece of work by TENDRIL for Nike. I actually kind of like the look of those trainers.

The 2016 Lexus CT Commercial: Many Becomes Him

Very cool work by the vfx company who put this together. Really like the way the transitions were done.

Alien Queen – Realtime on Unreal Engine 4

Loving the reflections and volumetric effects in this piece. I hope games can make use of this in the future.

Unity GDC demo – Adam – Part I

I thought Unity was inferior graphics wise to UE4 but not after seeing this. Can’t wait to see part 2.