3DTotal – £5 off 5 books
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The team at 3DTotal are at it again with a new promotion, £5 off 5 books, and these are really good books too. Check out the offer here.

Atari ® ASTEROIDS Outpost Game Trailer

Very cool video for ASTEROIDS Outpost by Nenashev and everyone else involved. Love the use of slow motion and explosions. Shame I haven’t heard many good things about the game.


Brilliant colourful video for AZEL PHARA by the Mill. I wish I knew the reason for them making a video like this, I bet it has something to do with war.


Such a really cool video by the guys at ILM for the upcoming Warcraft film. Just to give you a little hint, you can move the video around with the mouse or arrows on the top left.

CG Furniture Challenge – CG Trader

Do you consider yourself an awesome furniture modeller? Why not consider trying out the CG Trader challenge, just upload your model to their site and get a chance of winning SketchList 3D Pro edition.

De Lijn “Crabs” – Gerrit Bekers

Great work by WIZZ on this funny but short advert for De Lijn. How cool would it be if crabs could do this in real life.

3D Portrait of Annasophia Robb
Portrait of AnnaSophia Robb

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a3D image mainly because I don’t look at many of them, but this one really caught my eye. Amazing work by Hossein Diba.

SILENCE | Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer

Really interesting trailer for upcoming game Silence. I wonder what it will be about.

Chex Mix Metal Detector

Really funny advert by the team at Framesotre on this advert for Chex Mix.

Fidelity – Your Move

Holy cow – fantastic work! Brilliant work Davide Pilia. Love the way everything animates into place and the use of colour, or lack of it.

Do or Donut

Very cute short film by Roland Budai about an overweight astronaut trying to get to space.

McDonald’s Fresh Ingredients “Egg”

From egg to egg McMuffin. Very cool work by Buck on this advert for McDonalds, really like the colourful cartoony animation.