My Dear Gnome

I don’t get this, I mean it’s not the Gnome’s fault he can’t move. Very cool work by ChezEddy and everyone else involved.

Trizz for Geox

Trizz have done an amazing job with these adverts for Geox. Really like the transitions between 3D and live action.

Unreal Engine 4 Kite Open World Cinematic

‘If you love something, set it free’. Such a great short cinematic animation for Unreal 4. One day games will look this good.

“What Lives Inside” Official Trailer

Looks like Intel & Dell are coming together to put together this short animated film. Interesting union but I must admit, this does look really good. Great work by MPC.

Unity 5 – The Blacksmith – GDC 2015

Oh, my, gosh. This is insanely good. Unreal 4 has a decent competitor. Great trailer by the Unity team, I hope they make this into an actual game.

The legendary moment

Very cool image by Mohammad Hossein Attaran. Amazing attention to detail and great camera angle. I wonder what that creature he’s trying to grab is?

London Brawling

Not a tonne of VFX but another great video by Freddie Wong and everyone else involed.


Nice animation by these students from The Animation Workshop. Great use of music, vfx and mixture with live action.

Control – TENA Men Commercial 2015

Funny advert by the team at the Mill for TENA.

H&M Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham

Very cool work by the team at Framestore on his advert for H&M. More impressed with the cinematography than the vfx.

The Great Harlot and the Beast (NSFW)

Very interesting well put together short graduation film by these students of The Animation Workshop. Wasn’t expecting the prince to go crazy at the end.

sney’s Frozen Fever Trailer

Very clever marketing push for the upcoming Cinerdella film by Disney, if this doesn’t increase the films sales I don’t know what will.