Wave House

Love these surreal, artistic short films. Great work and use of music by the team at Justin Vin Group.

Mr. Kipling Pink Elephant

It’s amazing what you can do as a child and people don’t think you’re crazy. Great vfx work by The Mill on this ad for Mr. Kipling.

The Book of Life Official Trailer

Hadn’t heard of this film until now but looks like there are some big names involved in it. Not sure it will be the next big film but it looks entertaining.

Automata Official Trailer

Finally found a decent trailer for this film. Looks really good.

Nike KD7 / ‘Relentless Attack’

Very creative work for Nike by Simon Holmedal. Wonder how he modelled and animated the spiky things in the short.

Assassin’s Creed Unity – Bastille Day Trailer

Brilliant cg trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity by Patrick Clair and everyone else involved. Great sculpture work and cinematography.

Coke – Footprints

There’s a whole lot of 3D in this advert, I’m sure the two actors were walking towards a green screen. Great work by the team at The Mill.