Harrods Fine Jewellery Room

Very impressive work by Simon Wottge and everyone involved for Harrods. I wonder how long it would take for the bee to fill up the sections with jewellery?

The House I Grew up in – New Home Insurance TV advert | Hiscox

Incredibly impressive work by the team at Found on this projection mapping advert for Hiscox. Check out the making of video below by Found.

CGI Launch Trailer | Far Cry 4

Just when you thought you’d seen enough of Far Cry 4 they release a CG trailer created by the fantastic Blur Studio.

The most detailed helicopter crash ever

This is probably the first interview I have done for a piece of work that hasn’t yet been finished. Alf Martin Løvvold 3D generalist at Gimpville created this spectacular 28 second short piece which contains an insane amount of detail, everything from the debris to the foliage to the people running and climbing around in the scene look like something out of a feature film. Below is a short interview about the Helicopter Crash scene.

Seventh Son Trailer

This doesn’t look half bad, the vfx in this is really impressive. Wonder what kind of reviews Seventh Son will get?

5 New Male Reference Figures – 3DTotal

Kicking off this week with a new Kickstarter by 3DTotal (sorry, couldn’t help it). Really impressive looking anatomical figures, like the inclusion of the mechsuit.


Dragon Age Inquisition is out and what better way to tell us that to make a brilliant CG trailer for it. Don’t know who made this but I’m guessing it’s Blur Studios.