Fidelity – Your Move

Holy cow – fantastic work! Brilliant work Davide Pilia. Love the way everything animates into place and the use of colour, or lack of it.

Do or Donut

Very cute short film by Roland Budai about an overweight astronaut trying to get to space.

McDonald’s Fresh Ingredients “Egg”

From egg to egg McMuffin. Very cool work by Buck on this advert for McDonalds, really like the colourful cartoony animation.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Comic-Con Trailer

Still can’t figure out what Wonder Woman is doing in this Superman vs Batman trailer. Looks very good though.

Real Life Mirror’s Edge

So this probably has little to no cg in it but it’s pretty fantastic. I wouldn’t blame you if you thought this was actually gameplay from the upcoming game. Fantastic work by Claudiu Voicu and everyone else involved.

Cartier “Sape your time”

Another day another new Cartier advert by QUAD Productions. These guys don’t sleep – seriously.

New Balance – The Storm

Brilliant work by MPC on this advert for New Balance. Liking the colourful dust effect.

Nike – Hypervenom II

Why haven’t I seen one of these advert on tv or in a sports store? Great advert by Man vs Machine nevertheless. I might have to pester them at some point for a breakdown of this.


Very impressive advert by Thinkmojo for Needsmatch. Kinda having startup video fatigue at this point, this is what happens when you’re in the tech industry.

Nike Air Zoom Elite 8

Really cool work on this advert for Nike by CHRLX. Love the slow motion work and fluid simulation.


Brilliant, artistic motion graphic piece by Tony Zagoraios and everyone else involved.

TNT | José Aldo

‘Nobody becomes a king by accident’, love the tagline. Great work by all involved in this short both for the 2D and 3D work.