Appleseed Alpha – Trailer

The sound on this trailer is a bit ‘iffy’ but the cg/vfx work is very impressive. Is that David Hayter I hear in the voice of the cyborg?

Autodesk Rebrand Presentation Intro

Very cool motion graphics work by Shadi Didi for Autodesk.

Destiny: Mars

So you’ve probably heard a lot about Destiny this week (I know I have), but if you haven’t played it and plan to don’t worry this isn’t a spoiler. Very cool work by the team at Prologue  who put this together.

Model of a Pfalz DIII Airplane – Tutorial

There hasn’t been a tutorial on the blog in a while, possibly because they take a long time to write and put together. But the awesome guys at Autodesk decided to collaborate content wise and get one of their artists to put this together. Hope you enjoy it.

9/11 Memorial Museum “The Survivor Tree”

Very impressive work by the team at Elastic on this advert for 9/11 Memorial Museum. Like the use of colours, music and render effects.

Chevrolet Cruze – Aniket Bhatkar

Whoa! Incredibly realistic looking car model by Aniket Bhatkar. Like the way the sun reflects on the car.

ShockTop Beer – “End of the World”

So looks like this advert is over 2 years old. Don’t know how I missed it but very impressive vfx work by the team at Arts & Sciences.