DESERTED – Camera Mapping with Cinema 4D

I’m not really 100% sure how camera mapping works but this in fantastic. Brilliant work by Bernd Montag, I’d love to know how he did it.

Oily Rocks

Wow, very cool work for Call of Duty: Ghosts by Christos Parliaros and The Mill. Great particle effects.

Sky – Come With Us

Wow, brilliant advert for Sky New Zealand, it looks like something The Mill put together but I’m not 100% sure.

Trailer: Anya

Very interesting looking trailer for upcoming short film Anya by Brown Bag films. Great music.


Great work by Hornet and Blinkink on this piece for Castello.


Fantastic short film by 3Lateral. Top notch lip sync work, can’t wait to see this being used in a game.

The Amazing Baby & me 2

Such a funny advert for Evian using Spiderman, on’t know who did the VFX but it looks good.


Fantastic work by Platige Image for upcoming game Nitro Nation.