Bupa ToothFairy

Brilliant advert for Bupa by Inky Mind. Love the mixture of 2D and 3D artwork and rhyming.

Life Cycles

Very cool colourful motion graphics piece by Kasana and Andres Rossi.

Case Study: Lost & Found

Really well put together making of video of the Lost and Found short by Neon I posted yesterday. Wonder if the wool was hand animated?


Very beautiful colourful short film by FutureDeluxe, Twistedpoly and really impressive sound work by Zelig Sound.

Official Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Intro Cinematic

Good trailer, makes me want to find out more about the game.

Into Dusk – Short Film

Wow such a powerful short film, says so much without saying a lot. Fantastic work by Jason Ho and everyone else involved.

Lost and Found: The journey from farm to fashion

Incredibly dramatic short film from the process of wool to thread The Woolmark Company and Neon. Almost as if it was directed by Michael Bay.