Interesting trailer for upcoming film Lucy staring Scarlett Johansson. Like the storyline – hope the execution matches.

Ceiga Plus is out!!!

The first ever non-free issue of Ceiga – Ceiga Plus is finally out. It would be awesome if you went out of your way support the publication by purchasing it.

The Elder Scrolls Online – The Siege Cinematic Trailer

Another cinematic trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online by Blur Studios. Is it just me or are there a lot of these Elder Scrolls trailers out there?

The Animated Actors Guild

Really like this short from the team at Make Visual. I’ve never tried to see it from a cartoon’s point of view, sorry animated actor.

What’s the crack?

Very cool Easter short buy the by at Blue Zoo. It’s a shame companies don’t don more of these.

HOT&TOP TV Show Opener

Really liked this piece, very modern, artistic and colourful motion graphic work. Nice work by Alex Mikhaylov.

Lurpak Cook’s Range – Adventure Awaits

Wow, very impressive stuff by the guys at Blink and MPC. Such a great mix between live action and VFX.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Looks good, really good. I think I should start watching these Planet of the Apes films.