Coors Light: Ice Bar

Really like the 80s feel of this advert for Coors Light. Great vfx work on the ice (and probably the mountain scenery too) by Framestore.

Hudson Yards – Look Up

Although it may not look like it this advert does have some 3D elements in it, check out some of the building at the end. Beautifully piece directed by Rama Allen and great vfx work by The Mill.

Shell V-Power – Taylor James

Landscapes with a twist strike a cord with drivers in this far-reaching press and poster campaign. JWT’s concept required real and imagined worlds to unite.

Taylor James worked up a 3D model to prove the concept at pre-production stage, and then Andy Glass went to shoot at Atlantic Road, Norway, and in the Docklands, London, whilst we developed the CGI. This seamless integration of disciplines, and a little retouching magic, shows how an intelligent approach from the start can bring a concept alive.

Mill Move Film

Really happy they got round to putting this up on Vimeo. Such a great little short film by The Mill to tell the world they’re moving. Might have to check out their new London offices sometime.

Candy Crush

Brilliant, colourful advert for Candy Crush by Mighty Nice. Unfortunately I’ve never played the game so this ad doesn’t make much sense to me but I definitely appreciate all the work that went into it.

NFL Sunday Ticket

Whoa, great powerful superhero adverts for the NFL by The Mill. So much particles and slow motion.

Wave House

Love these surreal, artistic short films. Great work and use of music by the team at Justin Vin Group.