Boom Beach – Great Plan

This looks like a modern version of Clash of Clans, I’m not sure if I like the idea. The advert looks great though by the team at Psyop.

Rhino – TNT energy drink

Very clever advert by the team at The Mill on this advert for TNT energy drink energy drink. Not their best creature work but still pretty good.

Touch Of God

Whoa, very cool work by Daniel Sian on this image. Really like the influence of the Sims.

Furious 7 – Trailer

Is this trailer for real? Can’t believe there is so much craziness happening in this trailer. Great vfx work by the team at MPC, I think.


Nothing says 80’s more than bright neon colours and a time travelling Delorian. Great work by Florian Renner.

Monceau Fleurs

Fantastic use of particle effects on this advert for Monceau Fleurs by Pixies films. Must be a really good flower shop for them to have their own vfx advert.

Just Cause 3: Firestarter

Surprised this video hasn’t got more views, I assumed people were looking forward to this game. Fantastic cg trailer nevertheless. Looking forward to seeing some gameplay.

Life is on by Schneider Electric

I’ve definitely come across this before, don’t know why I didn’t post it the first time. Great work by the team at Mikros image and everyone else involved.

Dji. Death Sails

Another animation about Dji poor guy can’t catch a break. First he was in a hospital, now he’s on the high seas. Great work by Simpal on this.


Very cute little animation about two snails separated by a road. Great work by the team at Anomalia.

2015 Nissan CUV Line-up

Another great Super Bowl car advert by the team at MPC. These guys are on a roll.


Very cool advert by the team at plan78 animation. Nice character design, rendering work and animation.