Klaus teaser

I honestly took me a while to figure out if this was 2D or 3D – it’s soo well meshed together. Brilliant work by SPA Studios on the teaser for this film, can’t wait to see the full thing.

PERRIER – Hot Air Balloons – long version

Brilliant work by MPC Paris on this advert for Perrier. I have a feeling I’ve seen this advert before but cant remember where.

Infinite Horizon

If you’ve never wanted to go space I hope this animation will change your mind. Great work by the team at Weareseventeen, especially on the particles.

Disney – Playmation

Fantastic vfx work by the team at The Embassy and everyone else involved. Does anyone actually know what Playmation is?

Cricket Wireless

Very cool advert for Cricket Wireless by the team at Psyop. I wonder who came up with the idea of using colourful creatures.

Symmons – The Smart Choice

Very impressive work by the team at Taylor James for Symmons, like the way they’ve animated the tap slowly splitting apart into a million pieces.


So this is an interesting piece of work, it’s good – but gives me the hebby gebbies, probably because of the squirmy nature of the artwork. Fantastic work by Ari Weinkle.


I know I’ve posted a few videos regarding this short but I’m assured by Alf that this is the final version. Seriously fantastic work, good enough to be in a feature film. Check out the making of here.

D&AD Awards 2015 Title Sequence

Very slick intro sequence for D&AD by The Mill. Really like the fashion feel and the brown mountains, something about them is special, can’t put my finger on it.


Very impressive character design and rendering by Shawn Wang. Love the use of colours and detail.

Vin Sculpt

Wow, really impressive work Sandeep.V.S, looks so realistic. I wonder how many polys the whole thing is.

Michelin CrossClimate

Very cool work by the team at Unit Image on this advert for Michelin. I hope this is what the Incredibles 2 will look like.