2015 Honda Civic range

Such a brilliant advert by the team at MPC, like the use slow motion, colour and music. Need to find a case study of this.

Until Dawn Release Date TRAILER

Can’t believe this is the first bit of Until Dawn footage on the blog, this looks good, like a scary Heavy Rain. Can’t wait to play it.

Nike Kobe X Teaser

Whoa, very cool work by We Are Royale. Great work on the models and animation. I wonder what the full film will look like.

Mad Max – “Savage Road” Story Trailer

This looks as good as the film. Hope it gets good reviews.


Wow, such a great short film. The colours and music go perfectly together. Brilliant work by Kim Taylor, might send him a few interview question to find out how he did it.


Great work by Rory Mclean on this short film. Like the use of music, slo motion rendering and fluid simulation.

NISSAN – ‘B-Boy Terrano’

Very cool work by the team at Blackbird on this advert for Nissan. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car breakdance before.

Plasson Modern Environment

Great interior room render by the team at Studio Aiko, apparently this is part of a series of three videos. I need to find the other two.

Talking Oyster // Millenials

Hey, millennials aren’t that bad, are we? Great work by Casey Latiolais, love the rendering and animation work.

Need for Speed Teaser Trailer

Guess what? EA are making a new Need for Speed game. Looks… the same as all the other Need for Speed games.

A Fistful of Presents

Brilliant work by Cole Clark and everyone else involved (if there were other people). Great lighting modelling and animation, and story too.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – A night to remember

Great work by Digic Pictures on this cinematic piece for The Witcher 3.