#DRIVECLUB | Special MotorStorm Buggy

So this is a Aprils Fools gift from the guys at Evolution, I’m not sure that’s how April Fools works but I really hope they make a Motorstorm after this.

Mad Max: Fury Road – Official Main Trailer

This looks brilliant, as mentioned before I haven’t seen the original Mad Max so this does look a little weird but still good.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Great song and promotional video for the upcoming The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 by Riff Animation Studio.

Be Sexy, Be Smart

Impressive advert by the team at Plus One Amsterdam. Great mixture of 2D/3D and interesting transitions. Would love to know how they created it.

Mishkin The Short Film

Interesting trailer for this short film by Vladimir Vlasenko. Can’t wait to see the full film.

New 3dtotal Maya book now on pre-order!

3DTotal have a new step-by-step guide on Maya written by 3D animator and trainer Jahirul Amin which includes in-depth chapters on anatomy to provide the reader with a solid foundation on which to develop 3D character skills. It actually comes out on the 13th of April but it’s available to preorder now. Get it here.

NIKE – Feel the Energy :60 Version

Brilliant work by Cardboard Castle on this advert for Nike. Great motion graphic work.

Halo 5 Guardians Adverts

As mentioned previously I’m not a huge Halo fan but these two trailers for the upcoming Halo 5 Guardians look have pricked my interest for the game.

Royale Presents The Bell Ringer

Love coming across these old animations although I do wish I stumbled across this earlier. Great work by the team at We Are Royal.

Sherwin: Adventure

Really like this paper animation style Buck have been using for a lot of their animations, it looks fantastic in this piece they did for Sherwin.


Man I’ve seen so many trailers for this short, glad to see it’s finally been released. Great work by the team at PostPanic and everyone else involved.

Tomorrowland – A World Beyond

Disney never cease to impress me, this is such an interesting concept and it’s been puled of beautifully in this trailer. I hope it does well review wise.