Leonard in Slow Motion

Such a great short film, well longer than what’s usually posted on the blog. Subtle use of vfx but it’s used pretty well.

The Crabbie’s Grand National Festival

I really hoped the black horse would have gotten wings and shown those other horses how fast he was, oh well. Great work by Nexus nevertheless.

Its Echoes Fade

Really well animated poem by David Hunt and everyone else involved. Wonder how the animating lines effect was done.

The Leviathan — Teaser

Very impressive short film by Ruairi Robinson and everyone else involved. Kind of reminds me of the Rock Fish short by Blur Studios, but on a larger scale.

Stormblades – Cinematic Trailer

Very cool work by Puppetworks and everyone else involved on this cinematic trailer for Stormblades. Really didn’t expect this to be a mobile game, the budget is getting bigger for these types of games.

Cindy 30s TVC

Impressive work by the team t BlueR Productions on this advert for Cindy. Great cinematography, vfx and post production work.

The Wanderer

Another great animation by these students from the Animation Workshop, if I’m being honest I don’t completely understand what’s going on here but the animation, modelling and lighting work here is really good.

ADIDAS “There Will Be Haters”

Great advert for Adidas by the team at Limon Estudios and Frenzy Paris. So many flashing colours and vfx.

My Dear Gnome

I don’t get this, I mean it’s not the Gnome’s fault he can’t move. Very cool work by ChezEddy and everyone else involved.

Trizz for Geox

Trizz have done an amazing job with these adverts for Geox. Really like the transitions between 3D and live action.

Unreal Engine 4 Kite Open World Cinematic

‘If you love something, set it free’. Such a great short cinematic animation for Unreal 4. One day games will look this good.

“What Lives Inside” Official Trailer

Looks like Intel & Dell are coming together to put together this short animated film. Interesting union but I must admit, this does look really good. Great work by MPC.