Brilliant film by Nguyen-Anh Nguyen and everyone else involved. The fight scene choreography is fantastic. Scroll down to see some exclusive videos and images courtesy of BlackMagic Design.

Far Cry Primal – Director’s Cut

Fantastic promo film for Far Cry Primal by ELASTIC. Love the slow motion and use of colours.

Ant-Man Reel: Luma Pictures

I didn’t know so much of the film had VFX. Very cool work by Luma Pictures on this.

Schick Hydro – Robot Razors

Here is just one of the many adverts the Mill must have produced for 2016’s Super Bowl. Love the transformers idea used in this.

Sky Q advert: This is Fluid Viewing

Wow, very cool work on this advert by The Mill on for Sky Q. Still not 100% sure what Sky Q is but the colourful fluid particles is pretty awesome.

PaperMap – Uniform
Greenwich Peninsula

Very impressive work by the team at Uniform on this web based spectacle for Greenwich Peninsula. Love the low poly paper effect, the animated city and the level of interactivity. Would love to know how they put this together.


Very cool short film by Javier Cid and everyone else involved. Great use of visual effects.

Anchor Milk Cloud

Great use of fluid simulation in this Anchor advert by Octavio.tv. Those milk clouds are so cool, I could watch them over and over again.


Oooh, very interesting Blade Runner/Akira esk trailer for upcoming film Ickerman. Can’t wait to see more from this. Great work by Set Ickerman and everyone else involved.

The Present

Such a great heart warming short film directed by Jacob Frey. It deserves all the 59 awards it has won. Brilliant work by everyone else involved.

Hendrix Flat – TIGREX

Really impressive image by the team at TIGREX on these images of Jimmy Hendrix. Looks incredibly realistic.

100 Hours: The ultimate video training resource for artists

Really like this idea, 100 hours of videos from well know 3D artists. I hope you guys all get the time to checkout the video and back the project.