GILLETTE Venus Directors Cut

Great advert by the team at Platige Image on this advert for Gillette. I wonder if they actually filmed this underwater or if this was done with strings and a green screen.

Tale of Contour

Such an impressive advert for Coke, if only I knew who put it together.

Play-Informed Design

(Republished with permission from The Neighbourhood and Alex Farrell) It’s easy to underestimate the power of play and how it shapes our view of the wider world. In fact, the more you look around at the built environment, the more you might spot the echoes of childhood present in the shapes of buildings and the method of their construction.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Gotham is Mine

Great new trailer for the upcoming Batman game. The more I see it, the more excited I get.

Jupiter Ascending – Slave Woman

Very impressive work by Luca Nemolato for Jupiter Ascending, I haven’t heard good things about the film but the detail in this model may be work watching just to see.

Becoming One

Whoa, very impressive animated short film by MoGrafik and everyone else involved. Great use of motion graphics, music and sound.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

Very colourful artistic advert for Samsung Galaxy by QUAD.


Whoa, such an impressive fan made film by Joseph Kahn and everyone else involved. Love the mature take on Power Rangers, someone needs to show this to the guys at Netflix.

Europa Plus “The Music Machine”

Very cool detailed motion graphic piece for Europa Plus by Alex Mikhaylov.

SPARK launch film

Insanely good motion graphic and simulation effects on this piece for Spark by Matt Simmons and everyone else involved.

Ceiga Plus 5

Quickly slapped this together over the weekend. Let me know what you think.

Heineken | The Match

I love The Mill, these sort of adverts are so creative kept me interested each second and I honestly had no idea what was going to happen in the end.