Very cute little animation about two snails separated by a road. Great work by the team at Anomalia.

2015 Nissan CUV Line-up

Another great Super Bowl car advert by the team at MPC. These guys are on a roll.


Very cool advert by the team at plan78 animation. Nice character design, rendering work and animation.

The FIAT Blue Pill

Really funny advert for FIAT by the team at MPC. Imagine if this actually happened if viagra was put into a car.


Very cool use of fluid simulation by the team at Stink Shanghai. Like they way they formed the double helixes.

Ophelia: Love & Privacy_Settings (NSFW)

Really finny short film by Bin-Han To and everyone else involved. Says so much without using any words.

Le Gouffre

These brilliant short films come every once in a while and I’m glad they do. Brilliant work by Lightning Boy Studio on putting this together, great use of music, animation, and rendering. Such a sad ending.

Nike Tech Fleece

If only this was how Nike actually make their clothes. Great work on this advert by We Are Royale.

Fantastic Four | Official Teaser

Guess what, Fox are making another Fantastic Four film. Looks okay but I’m not sure if it’s really necessary.

Kia Sorento Official XLIX

I didn’t know Pierce Brosnan was still popular. Anyways very cool KIA advert, like the way the scene changes based on the dialogue.

Clash of Clans: Revenge

This is possibly the best Clash of Clans advert I’ve seen to date, mainly because of Liam Neeson. Great work by the team at Psyop on this advert.

Mophie “All Powerless”

Really wasn’t expecting the ending but very cool advert nevertheless. Great work by the team at a52.