Make Safe Happen – Nationwide

There’s been a lot of talk about this Superbowl 2015 advert, and theres even an internet meme, but I’ve got to say the vfx for this is pretty impressive. If only I knew who did it.

Irom Man: Gamma Protocol Teaser.

Insane, this is actually insane, I can’t believe there’s a fan made film that looks this good. Can’t wait for it to be released.

Imagine – Motion Response

Brilliant Pausefest ID by Visual Playground. Like the fluid work, simulation and rendering work. Would love to know how they came up with this concept.

Lexus – Genesis

Brilliant work by the team at Polynoid on this advert for Lexus. Love the way they got the car to morph into a different shape.


Great short film by Gints Zilbalodis and everyone else involved. Like the cell shaded rendering effect.

Mercedes-Benz “Fable” Commercial

Great work as per usual by the team at MPC on this advert for Mercedes-Benz. Check out their site to see some cool concept art images.

Ghost Rider – Rodrigo Soria

Very cool work by Rodrigo Soria on these images of Ghost Rider. Great amount of detail and great use of vfx in each image.

UNREAL PARIS 1.2 – Virtual Tour

Incredibly impressive architectural visualisation work by Elseware-Experience. I highly recommend you watch it in 60fps.

Ford “Christmas wishes”

Really impressive work by the team at Santa Transmedia on this advert for Ford. Never seen a video where the gifts get human presents, great idea.

Portrait of Sylvia

Brilliant portrait of Sylvia Geersen by Jung Won Park. Like the detail in the clothes and hair.

Fallout vs Skyrim

Whoa such a great short film, having played both games I really like the references to them used in this short. Great vfx and filming work by Andrew Films.

McDonalds Happy – Buck

Very cool work by the team at Buck on these adverts for McDonalds happy meal characters.