Marvel’s Ant-Man Teaser

Finally, a full length trailer for Ant Man. Looks good – although I don’t know how much good shrinking into the size of an ant can do.

Gabriel In The Dreamscape // Introduction

Really interesting artistic short film by Eric Lerner and everyone else involved. Wonder where the inspiration and character design for this came from?

SMITE – Cinematic Trailer

Very impressive work on this trailer for upcoming game Smite, really like the detail on the characters.

2015 MDS – Happy new year

Very cool simple short new year film by MDSimulations. Well it’s probably a really complicated simulation but you know what I mean.

Pure – Motion Response by hiorganic for Pause Fest 2015

Very cool slow motion fluid effects by the team at Hi Organic for Pause Fest 2015.

Nike SB Free

I feel like there’s a new pair of Nike trainers every month. Great work by Brand New School, like the effect of the trailers forming on the feet.

50% off all eBooks – 3DTotal

The 3Dtotal shop are offering 50% off their ebooks with the code, EBOOK50. With over 100 eBooks covering all the popular 3D programmes out there you’d be insane to miss this great offer.


Great short film made with Source Film Maker by Dunkle. I wonder if he/she made the song as well.


Very impressive use of fluid simulation by Esteban Diácono. According to Vimeo this existed 5 years ago! Wish I knew about it then.

Game of War “Fire Age”

I knew this advert was for a game but not a mobile one, ridiculous production value in this video. Great work by the team at Anonymous Content.

Versace – Bright Crystal (NSFW)

Really like this advert for Versace by Eddie Alcazar and Helo. Great cinematography and vfx work.

Portal Trick Shots

A fan made video the portal gun isn’t entirely original but the guys at Corridordigital have done a great job with their version of it, really like the use of 3D scanning and ragdoll from 3Ds Max in the final scene.