Nike Airmax Lunar

Interesting idea to promote Nike’s new Airmax Lunar. Great work by Axisponza.


Very cool work by Digital District on this advert for Samsung. If those animals are CG then they look super photo realistic, would love to know how they put this together.

The Workshop

Great seasonal short film for the guys at Echoic Music and Sound Design by Tom Rainford.

Cross Section – Gaurav Kumar

Great incredibly detailed image by Gaurav Kumar. How cool would it be to actually live in a house like this.

Clash of Clans Larry

Another funny trailer for Clash of Clans. Forgot who put this together but this looks really good.

Evolve –– Stalker Trailer

Is this CGI or a real time in engine render? Whatever it is it looks fantastic, and I like the addition of the new grim reaper enemy to the game, looks better and better the more I see it.

Senses MOOOVE by Crave

This is clever, really like the way the particles form shapes. Great work by Woodblock.

Summer rain in the city

Ridiculously impressive work by Marcin Jastrzebski on this image. I wonder what techniques he used to render the scene and create the rain?


Very impressive 3D short by Andreas Wannerstedt. The 3D renders look incredibly realistic and I love the detail in the foliage and textures.

The Voice UK 2015: Launch Trailer

Very cool advert for The Voice UK by Framestore.

The Lexus December to Remember

I’ve seen this ‘big things come in small packages’ type of advert a few times but the team at Mirada have done a great job with this mecahnical transformatoin animation.

John Rutter ‘Angel’s Carol’

Very cool short festive film by the team at Trunk Animation. I never really thought of rabbits as a Christmas animal but somehow it works in this piece.