Winter Olympics Sochi – VFX breakdown

Fantastic vfx breakdown for the Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 Opening. It’s amazing how many thing were cg in this piece.

Audi TT Skate

Very cool full CG commercial for Audi by Mathieu Wothké, Frédéric Bonpapa and Amon Tobin.

Lexus Ballbearing

Really like what Nozon have done on this advert for Lexus. Like the idea of a car driving on balls.

The Crew game cutscenes

Puppetworks have created 13 minutes of CG cutscene for the create and they’ve created this cool trailer to show it all off.

Madcrew Christmas Card 2014

What is up with the dark Christmas Cards’ first this gruesome death one by Blue Zoo. Now exploding Elf by Mad Crew.


Great work by the team at Lumbre on this Christmas Campaign for Antena3. I wonder what technique they use for the kaleidoscope effect.

Russian Odyssey – Winter Olympics

This is super impressive, love the cinematography, use of music and visual effects. Brilliant direction work by Arman Yahin and vfx by Main Road Post.

Home Sweet Home

Fantastic short film made by these students from Supinfocom Arles. Great story, animation and sound work. I’ve seen this flying around and I’m surprised it took me this long to watch it. Find out more about the film here.

Gea | Trailer

Huh! Really interesting looking teaser for short film Gea by PrimerFrame. Would really like to know wha this film is about.

Facebook Food Fight

Really impressive advert for Facebook by the team at 1stAveMachine. Great mixture of 2D/3D and live action.

Daddy Christmas by Blue-Zoo

Very impressive Christmas short by the team at Blue Zoo, wasn’t expecting the gruesome ending.

SIX New Reference Figures! – 3DTotal

I know I’ve posted this Kickstarter already some time ago by 3DTotal but they’ve added a new female planar anatomy figure to the mix, that’s insane. Also check out the free anatomy tutorial below.