The Scaredy Swan

Great simple short film by Burcu & Geoffrey. Really interesting use of colours.

Iron Knight Game CG Opening

It feels like I’ve just been posting game trailers this whole week. Great work on the team at Tencent Games on this piece for Iron Knight. No textures, no problem.

Elite: Dangerous – Launch Trailer

Slick looking trailer for the upcoming game Elite: Dangerous. Controlling space ships with an old school joystick, you can tell this is a sequel to an old game.

Evolve – Official Evacuation Story Trailer

Is this all in engine? Great trailer for upcoming game Evolve.

DriveClub Redline Expansion Pack Trailer

Whoa! Crazy impressive visuals in this new Driveclub trailer. The rain looks insanely realistic.


Very impressive motiongraphic work by the team at Not To Scale. I wonder how long it took to create the detailed oriental models?

MTV – Summer

Another great ident by the guys at Not To Scale for MTV. Great melting effect.

Hankook Tire Design Innovation

Is this for real? Are there actually tyres that make it possible to drive on water? Great work by the team at NESIAC on this advert for Hankook.

MINIONS – Happy Holidays

Aww, but I like hymns. Very impressive promo video for the upcoming film Minions.

Elise – Assassin’s Creed Unity

Very impressive work by Christopher Dormoy art director at Ubisoft. Really like the use of colours, lighting and visual effects.


Really impressive work by the guys at Saddington Baynes on these images for 02. I still don’t understand what they mean by ‘Be More Dog’.

Dying Light Intro

Very cool intro by the team at Division48 on this intro for dying light. I wonder why the chose the colours they did.