US Cellular “Gingerbread”

Very cool work by the team at Hornet on this advert for US Cellular. Really like the stop motion effect.

The Crew launch trailer

Fantastic work by the team at Unit Image on the trailer for The Crew. I hope the game is as good as this looks.

Disney’s Cinderella Official US Trailer

No Gus Gus! I hope they put him in there somehow. Really interesting trailer by Disney, hope there’s some sort of twist at the end.

Cartier – Winter Tale

I genuinely look forward to these Cartier advert every Christmas. Brilliant work by the team who put this together.

Dior Christmas Adverts

The lack of Charlize Theron is noticeable but it doesn’t make these Dior adverts any less awesome. Brilliant work by Zeppelin Pictures.

Fravega Christmas Eve

Very cool work by the team at Plenty for Fravega, really like the stylised character designs and this animations.

Peanuts Official Trailer

I wasn’t really a huge Peanuts fan when it was out so I’m not sure if this film is worth seeing but it looks – entertaining.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser

You’ve all probably seen this already but there’s no harm in watching it again. Such a good teaser.

POLIS – Steven Ilous/Daniel Perea (Prototype)

Really impressive short film directed by Steven M. Ilous and SMI Entertainment. Really like the environment design.

STAT Boxing

Great work by Digital Unit on this advert for STAT Boxing. Like the motion graphic work and the particles at the end.

La Detente

I posted a trailer for this short a while ago and completely forgot to follow up on it. Very impressive short film by the team at Not to Scale.

NISSAN – “JUKE Colour Studio”

Very cool work by the team at Blackbird on this advert for Nissan. Amazing use of particle and fluid effects. Check out the vfx breakdown video below.