5 New Male Reference Figures – 3DTotal

Kicking off this week with a new Kickstarter by 3DTotal (sorry, couldn’t help it). Really impressive looking anatomical figures, like the inclusion of the mechsuit.


Dragon Age Inquisition is out and what better way to tell us that to make a brilliant CG trailer for it. Don’t know who made this but I’m guessing it’s Blur Studios.

Super Heroes vs Game Heroes

Very cool work by the team at Corridor Digital and everyone else involved. I’ve always wondered who would win a fight between Masterchief and Thor.

Reynolds – Pepper Parchment

I can never really tell if people use stop motion of vfx to get this effect nowadays but whatever HouseSpecial did to create this it looks great.


There are so many sci-fi films coming out lately and I hope this one doesn’t get lost in all of them. The vfx work looks brilliant.

SONOS – Blocks 30

Brilliant work by 1stAveMachine on this advert for SONOS. Would really like to know how they pulled this off, I might just have to send them an email.

Heroes & Generals Steam launch trailer

Very cool trailer for Heroes & Generals by Territory Studio. I would love to know how this was made, I have a feeling the actors were in front of a green screen the whole time.

Wildlife Aid’s ‘Saving Harry’

Very clever short piece for Wildlife Aid’ by Kris Hofmann and everyone else involved.

Insurgent Teaser Official – Shailene Woodley

What is this film, it looks insane. Great vfx in the trailer. I wonder what it’s about?

Greenpeace – Wind

I’m not sure if this has any 3D in it but it looks fantastic nevertheless. Fantastic work by Le Cube. Check out the making of video here.

Forbrydelsen [i virkeligheden]

I usually don’t post many foreign shorts but this opening sequence for a danish documentary really got my attention.Great work by Toke Blicher Møller.


Very cool short graduation film by Delcourt Clémentine, short and sweet.