Boom Beach: Dr. T’s Song

House Special are killing it with these adverts for Boom Beach. Check out their Vimeo page to see more.

Breakthrough Teaser

So much motion graphics goodness in this teaser for National Geographic by Prodigal Pictures.

Storks – Official Teaser Trailer

I hand’t heard of Storks until today but this looks like a pretty interesting trailer.

The Awakening Is Now

Not much vfx in this short but it’s shot and narrated incredibly well. Fantastic work by Stef Kwinten.


Great cinematic piece for upcoming game The Division by Digital District. Hope the game plays as well as this looks.

At First Sight

Very impressive work by the team at Nucco Brain Studio. Love the cartoon 2D/3D effect.

Fifa Online 3 trailer

Great trailer for Fifa Online 3. I’m not sure how popular these free-to-play versions of Fifa are but I don’t think they’ll come to the west anytime soon.

More Stuff by Blue Zoo Animation

Really impressed with this short film by the team at Blue Zoo.

Lily & the Snowman

Fantastic animation work by the team at Hornet Inc on this short film for Cineplex. Probably the best Christmas short I’ve seen this year.

Check out the making of video here.

Christmas Dinnersaurs

Very impressive Christmas short by Evermotion. Very interesting use of colours.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Announcement Trailer

I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan but this does look interesting. How much do you want to bet MPC are doing the VFX for this?

Naaaaw! – Star Wars

Brilliant work by elbriga on this Minecraft inspired Star Wars scene. Love the annotations.