Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story Trailer – I Am Faith

Don’t know what it is they’re doing at DICE but I’d love to know how they got Frostbite to look this good. Can’t wait to get back into the colourful world of Mirror’s Edge.


Oooh this looks interesting, a kind of serious Pixar style film. Also never see a CG film by Focus Features before so this makes it even more interesting.

Caminandes 3: Llamigos – Blender Animated Short

Great work on the Blender Foundation on the latest episode of Caminandes. Continually impressed by all the work that has been done with this free 3D software.

Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken – ‘Stagley’

Fantastic work on this image by the team at Taylor James. Check out the making of video on their site which has a few behind the scenes images.

New Chinatown

Great visualisation piece by the guys at Uniform on their work for Liverpool’s Chinese chinatown renovation. It’s impressive how photorealistic some of these scenes look.

Mind of the Virtuoso

I seriously don’t understand how these League of Legend videos get so many views. Great work by Riot Games on this piece. I don’t even know who Virtuoso is but he seems like a cool guy.

The Secret Life of Pets – Kevin Hart Is Snowball

I doubt the subheading ‘Kevin Hart Is Snowball’ in in the actual film but it’s in the youtube title for some reason. The team at Illumination Entertainment don’t take a break, didn’t they just finish Minions? Great work, looking forward to this one.

Wittenstein – Mechatronic Harmonies

Really interesting surreal peace by the team at abstr^ct:groove. Would love to know how they transformed the brief from Wittenstein into this interesting piece.

Far Cry Primal | Story trailer | PS4

Insanely impressed with how this game looks. I was originally skeptical about a Far Cry game without guns but this looks very interesting.

Branded Dreams – The Future Of Advertising

I kinda hope people don’t actually advertise like this in the future. Great work by Studio Smack nevertheless.

WWF Hungary – Paper World

I posted the teaser of this a while ago and it’s great to see this finally released. Great work by Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and everyone else who helped.

SMITE: To Hell and Back

Realtime UK have killed it with this cinematic piece for Smite. The animation and rendering work is fantastic.