WWF Hungary – Paper World

I posted the teaser of this a while ago and it’s great to see this finally released. Great work by Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and everyone else who helped.

Slack Teams Do Amazing Things — “Animals!”

Very cool advert for Slack by the team at Nexus. I’m a Slack user, I wonder what animal I am?

HONDA “The Dreamer”

Very good advert by Roof Studio for Honda. I wonder if all car designers have this kind of imagination.

Boom Beach: Dr. T’s Song

House Special are killing it with these adverts for Boom Beach. Check out their Vimeo page to see more.

Breakthrough Teaser

So much motion graphics goodness in this teaser for National Geographic by Prodigal Pictures.

Asics – MetaRun

Whoa, very impressive work by PostPanic on this piece for Asics. Would love to see a making of video of this.

Heineken – Nature’s Wonder

Very cool advert for Heineken by the team at MPC. I always wondered where the Northern Lights came from.

OTTO: Christmas is inside of us all

Loving the stop motion feel of this 3D Chirstmas shot by Psyop. Check out the making of video here.

Boots Christmas TV advert 2015

Very cool advert for Boots by MPC. Love that businesses are investing in getting good Christmas adverts.

Sky Movies Christmas Ad 2015

Framestore have really outdone themselves with this advert, that Big Hero 6 scene! So cool. Really impressed with Sky for commissioning an ad like this, hope they do more.

Star Wars: Battlefront – Become More Powerful

Nearly 6 million views on youtube already! Great work by The Mill on this advert for Star Wars: Battlefront. Do you Anna Kendrick is genuinely into Battlefront or they just got her for the ad?

BT Mobile | The power of 4G & wi-fi

Haven’t seen Willem Dafoe in anything since Beyond: Two Souls, interesting look. Great vfx work on this advert by The Mill.