Infamous animation reel

Love seeing these types of videos that show the makings of a game, and Infamous is one of may favourites. Brilliant work by Sooyun Jang and everyone else involved on this.

Strange alloy – indy very short film

Great short film by Loïc bramoullé and everyone else involved. Great rendering, animation and lighting work, I only wish the got someone to do the voice acting.


I’m not a League of Legends player but I’m always impressed by the animations they make and this one is no exception.

Hisense ULED

Really impressive work on this advert for Hisense by Ember Lab. Great use of detail, colour and animation.

LEGO: First Person Shooter

Very impressive work by AndrewMFilms on this Lego First person shooter short. Really like the Lego Bioshock one.

The Wanderer

Another great animation by these students from the Animation Workshop, if I’m being honest I don’t completely understand what’s going on here but the animation, modelling and lighting work here is really good.


Such a good short film by the students at The Animation Workshop who put this together. I’d really like to see the storyboard for this.

Guns and Cupcakes

So many colours, very well rendered short animation by Michael Marczewski. Very good use of music too.

Lie and Holst

Very short simple funny animation by the team at TNL. Great modelling an animation work.

Bet She’an

Very impressive short film by the Bet She’an team, like the art style, lighting, and crow animation. Really interesting story, I wonder how they came up with it.