Summer House – Marco Garfì
summer house burgenland_02 1920x1246-min

Wow, very impressive work on these architectural visualisations by Marco Garfì. The work on lighting and foliage is fantastic.

Hendrix Flat – TIGREX

Really impressive image by the team at TIGREX on these images of Jimmy Hendrix. Looks incredibly realistic.

Gran Hotel Miramar Virtual Art

Haven’t seen an arch vis piece in a while. Great work by VirtualArt on this.

East London Interior Architectural Visualisation

Haven’t posted an Arch Vis piece in a while, good thing I stumbled across this. Great work by MoGrafik. Kind of wish this was done in UE4.

Axis Viana Hotel

Very impressive work by both Leandro and Pedro Silva on these very photorealistic images of Axis Viana Hotel. Architecture developed by VHM. Photographic references (view 1 and 2) by Nelson Garrido.

Fairbairn House by Inglis Architects
Fairbairn House 1

Very impressive architectural visualisation work by Mark Staddon. Great rendering and work on the foliage.