Brilliant work by Elyarch on this short piece. Love cinematography and multiple butterfly models.


I wonder what Magma is? Is it a new Adobe product? Very cool work by the team at Devin nevertheless.

Inside Me ( Nils Frahm – Me Rework)

Very artistic, colourful piece by Dmitry Zakharov, great use of music too. I wonder how he animated the colours?

WXD Wired By Design

Very nice, clean advert for Wired directed by Patrick Clair. The lighting in this in incredible.

Wave House

Love these surreal, artistic short films. Great work and use of music by the team at Justin Vin Group.


Wow, brilliant, artistic short film. Like the isometric view and use of colours it’s not something you see a lot of nowadays. Great work by Fabrice Le Nezet.

Why Are We Not Home Yet

Very interesting art style for this film. I’m not sure what the story behind this short is but I’d really like to know. Great work by Georg Fasswald.


Very impressive short film by Zhestkov. Fantastic manipulations, and fluid effects.


Really interesting graduation film about about procreation and reproduction by Tim de Haan and everyone else involved. Really like the atmospheric and particle effects.


Beautiful short film by Erik Andersson. Love the use of black and white, cinematography and music used.


Very artistic piece for Tesla directed by David Holm.

Amnesty International – Pens

Whoa, so many 3D pens. Very cool work by the team at Troublemakers. I’d love to see a making of video.