Very cool trailer for short film OUTSIDE by Shed. I’ve posted this quite late so if the film has already been released please let me know.

The Present

Such a great heart warming short film directed by Jacob Frey. It deserves all the 59 awards it has won. Brilliant work by everyone else involved.


Oooh this looks interesting, a kind of serious Pixar style film. Also never see a CG film by Focus Features before so this makes it even more interesting.

Boom Beach: Dr. T’s Song

House Special are killing it with these adverts for Boom Beach. Check out their Vimeo page to see more.

Storks – Official Teaser Trailer

I hand’t heard of Storks until today but this looks like a pretty interesting trailer.

At First Sight

Very impressive work by the team at Nucco Brain Studio. Love the cartoon 2D/3D effect.

TNT – Keep on Scoring Teaser!

This looks great. Can’t tell if this is a teaser for a short film or advert? Great work by Colorbleed.

MINIONS Short Movie – The Competition

Just when you thought you’d seen enough of the Minions this year, here is another film with them in it.


Very interesting short film by Jalabert Camille. Wasn’t expecting what happened to happen.

Strange alloy – indy very short film

Great short film by Loïc bramoullé and everyone else involved. Great rendering, animation and lighting work, I only wish the got someone to do the voice acting.

Full ANL

Now this is how you do a logo reveal. Brilliant work by Aardman Nathan Love. Can’t wait to see what sort of film this merge produces.

Cowbell Chocolate

It’s good to see great 3D and vfx work come from Africa. Fantastic work by the team at Luma on this ad for Cowbell Nigeria.