Hisense ULED

Really impressive work on this advert for Hisense by Ember Lab. Great use of detail, colour and animation.

The Dunk to End All Dunks

Such a cheesy advert, I love it. Great work by the team at The Mill.

Broken Wand

Great short film created by the Broken Wand team at the School of Visual Arts. Brilliant lighting, rendering and animation work.

British Gas “Haven”

Great advert for British Gas by Psyop. Great animal animations and rendering.

De Lijn “Crabs” – Gerrit Bekers

Great work by WIZZ on this funny but short advert for De Lijn. How cool would it be if crabs could do this in real life.

Do or Donut

Very cute short film by Roland Budai about an overweight astronaut trying to get to space.

McDonald’s Fresh Ingredients “Egg”

From egg to egg McMuffin. Very cool work by Buck on this advert for McDonalds, really like the colourful cartoony animation.

Elimax Directors cut

Great work by Creative Conspiracy (CC) on this advert for Elimax. This is the firs time I’ve seen the work of this Belgium based company, can’t wait to see more from them.

Taking the Plunge

Today is full of good shorts and this is just another one. Brilliant work by the four people involved in this, kept me entertained from beginning to end. Check out it’s site for some behind the scenes images.

Klaus teaser

I honestly took me a while to figure out if this was 2D or 3D – it’s soo well meshed together. Brilliant work by SPA Studios on the teaser for this film, can’t wait to see the full thing.

Cricket Wireless

Very cool advert for Cricket Wireless by the team at Psyop. I wonder who came up with the idea of using colourful creatures.

Michelin CrossClimate

Very cool work by the team at Unit Image on this advert for Michelin. I hope this is what the Incredibles 2 will look like.