Hendrix Flat – TIGREX

Really impressive image by the team at TIGREX on these images of Jimmy Hendrix. Looks incredibly realistic.

Sainsbury’s “Salmon”

First piece of work I’ve seen by Aardman Nathan Love and it looks great. Can’t wait to see more of that they do.

Official Homefront: The Revolution ‘Thank You’ Trailer

Very cool trailer for the upcoming Homefront game. Still have no idea who put this together.

Deadpool | Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

The Deadpool trailer looks fantastic. Can’t tell which bits are cg. Very clever.

SILENCE | Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer

Really interesting trailer for upcoming game Silence. I wonder what it will be about.

Dishonored 2 — Official E3 2015 Announce Trailer

I really enjoyed the first Dishonoured game and I’m glad to see they’re putting a new one together.

Star Wars: Uprising Announce Trailer

Who’s up for a new mobile game focusing on the events of Star Wars Episode 6? Let’s see what gameplay of this will look like.


Was this seriously uploaded to Vimeo 4 years ago? Where was I when this was uploaded. Fantastic work by Justin Harder and everyone else involved on this advert. Great animation and rendering work.

East London Interior Architectural Visualisation

Haven’t posted an Arch Vis piece in a while, good thing I stumbled across this. Great work by MoGrafik. Kind of wish this was done in UE4.

Audi ‘Birth’

Very cool work by the Mill for Audi. If only cars gave birth to other cars, that would be an incredible spectacle.

Nike / Air Max Zero

Fantastic advert as usual by the team at ManvsMachine. I wonder where these shorts are aired, I’d like to see it on a big screen sometime.


Brilliant work by APARTJAIL on this advert for Dolby. I thought this was an advert for insurance or something at first but I really like the way this came together.