Talking Oyster // Millenials

Hey, millennials aren’t that bad, are we? Great work by Casey Latiolais, love the rendering and animation work.

Making Of, Where We Belong – Fedde Le Grand

I’ve seen this video a few times but never really thought about how it was made. Great making of video by Thiago Porto and everyone else involved. Check out the original video here.

Making an artistic short film with CINEMA4D

I really liked the short film Porcelain by Erik Andersson as soon as I saw it. Great use of music, particle effects and lighting. I’ve manage ask the creator the reasons behind the short film.


Beautiful short film by Erik Andersson. Love the use of black and white, cinematography and music used.

Take On An Idea – Fredrik Kasperi

I don’t know if you’ve seen the short film Take On An Idea but it’s a very impressive short film put together by Swedish artist Fredrik Kasperi. Here’s an interview to find out why and how he put it together.

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Making “It’s Paper” Trailer

Pingo van der Brinkloev has put togoether a series of videos explaining how he put together his brilliant short film ‘It’s Paper’. Here’s the trailer.

It’s paper

Fantastic simple short animation by Pingo van der Brinkloev. Very cool concept and great lighting and modelling work to pull it off.