Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story Trailer – I Am Faith

Don’t know what it is they’re doing at DICE but I’d love to know how they got Frostbite to look this good. Can’t wait to get back into the colourful world of Mirror’s Edge.

DIESEL – Melting Props

Very cool use of colour, music and slow motion fluid effects. Great work by the team at Serial Cut.


Brilliant colourful video for AZEL PHARA by the Mill. I wish I knew the reason for them making a video like this, I bet it has something to do with war.


So this is an interesting piece of work, it’s good – but gives me the hebby gebbies, probably because of the squirmy nature of the artwork. Fantastic work by Ari Weinkle.

Sonos – Full

Really like how these living rooms have been transformed by music, very impressive work by the team at 1stAveMachine for Sonos.


Very cool work by the team at Naked on these creative idents for TF1 PUB. I wonder if each scene corresponds to the type of show that’s about to air?

Inside Me ( Nils Frahm – Me Rework)

Very artistic, colourful piece by Dmitry Zakharov, great use of music too. I wonder how he animated the colours?