Anchor Milk Cloud

Great use of fluid simulation in this Anchor advert by Those milk clouds are so cool, I could watch them over and over again.

Jim Beam “Look Inside”

Great visual effects and simulation work by the team at Fin Design + Effects. Never actually heard of Jim Bean before. Guess it’s just an American thing?


Very cool closing title for Trojan Horse was a Unicorn by Juice. I’ve heard so much about this conference, I might have to check it out sometime.


What is Milcobel? Judging by this advert I think it’s a milk research company? Fantastic visual effects work by Created Conspiracy and sound design by Gregory Caron.

Master & Dynamic

Really impressive work by the team at Interstate (couldn’t find their website) for Master & Dynamic. Love the was all the components come together for the headphones.


Great work by Rory Mclean on this short film. Like the use of music, slo motion rendering and fluid simulation.

Marvel’s “Daredevil” Main Title

We’re all excited for the Daredevil tv series on Netflix, but have you taken the time to appreciate the intro video. Great work by the team at Elastic on this.


Very cool use of fluid simulation by the team at Stink Shanghai. Like they way they formed the double helixes.


I wonder what Magma is? Is it a new Adobe product? Very cool work by the team at Devin nevertheless.

Pirate Ship

Great work by Saddington Baynes, great fluid and rendering effects. Are they trying to get into the vfx game?

THU Official Spot 2014

Fantastic work by the team who put this together for Trojan Horse was a Unicorn. Really like the blood and slow motion scenes.

Wave House

Love these surreal, artistic short films. Great work and use of music by the team at Justin Vin Group.