Fifa Online 3 trailer

Great trailer for Fifa Online 3. I’m not sure how popular these free-to-play versions of Fifa are but I don’t think they’ll come to the west anytime soon.

How football videogames are blurring reality
fifa 16

One objective that all sports simulations strive for is that of achieving a believable reality. As the players of the games are usually huge fans of the sport, it’s become increasingly important for developers to maximise the technological possibilities to ensure that visuals, audio, and gameplay accurately reflect the real thing.


Very cool colourful advert for Nike by Platige Image. Really like the scene transitions and the 80’s music.

FIFA 15 – Feel the Game

Fantastic advert by The Mill by Fifa 15, really love what they’ve done with the brand. The Mill continue to impress with each new advert they make.

Adidas Football Lionel Messi

Fantastic projection mapping and animation work by The Mill on this advert for Adidas.

Adidas ‘Climachill – A Cooling Revolution’

Very impressive work by the team at Glassworks on this piece for Adidas. Great simulation effects and revela at the end, wasn’t expecting Beckham.

Samsung Galaxy11 “The Match Part 2”

It would be so cool if football players wore smart watches during a match and got notifications from their managers that way/ Fantastic work by the team at Psyop on this advert for Samsung.

Leo Messi 2014 FIFA World Cup™ – Fast or Fail

Adidas are on a roll with these World Cup adverts. Brilliant work by Rogier Schalken and everyone else involved. Does anyone know the production company behind this?

adidas – F50 “Fast vs Fast”

Very impressive Adidas advert by the team at Finish. Really like the whole Japanese anime feel of some of the scenes.

Adidas World Cup “Black + White”

Brilliant work by Elastic on this advert for Adidas. Wonder how they got that wiry effect for their models?

Samsung Galaxy 11 “The Match” Pt.1

The animation on the alien team is crazy good, why don’t people play football like that in real life. Brilliant work by Psyop on this advert for Samsung.

Nike Football: The Last Game ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney

Wow, honest wow. Hats off to the team at Passion Pictures they must be proud of the way this all came together.