Behind the Scenes of Future Ready

Very interesting concepts from the team at Dell by Framestore. I wonder how possible it is for all this things to be created.

ASDA – #GiantHen (Framestore)

Very cool work by Framesotre on this advert for ASDA. I would love to know what this giant chocolate hen tastes like, not in a sexual way.

Sky Movies Christmas Ad 2015

Framestore have really outdone themselves with this advert, that Big Hero 6 scene! So cool. Really impressed with Sky for commissioning an ad like this, hope they do more.

Chex Mix Metal Detector

Really funny advert by the team at Framesotre on this advert for Chex Mix.

Shell ‘Shapeshifter’

Very very impressive work by Framestore on this advert for Shell. The creature animation, debris and rendering on the monster is as good as a high budget blockbuster film, and the sound effects are also really well out together, definitely one of the best ads I’ve see this year.

Invention Donkey | GE

I would totally be more freaked out than this guy is if I saw a miniature talking donkey. Great work by the team at Framestore on this advert.

H&M Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham

Very cool work by the team at Framestore on his advert for H&M. More impressed with the cinematography than the vfx.

The Voice UK 2015: Launch Trailer

Very cool advert for The Voice UK by Framestore.

McVitie’s Victoria Christmas Choir TV Ad

What is the song they’re singing? Fantastic work by the team at Framestore on this piece for McVitie’s.

POM Wonderful ‘Crazy healthy’

Very cool adverts for POM Wonderful by Framestore, really like the liquid effect they achieved for all the characters.

Working at Framestore – Chris Johnston

I thought I’d spice up the interview list on Ceiga a bit by interviewing someone from a large VFX studio instead of the usual short film director/artist. Chris Johnston who worked for Framestore is someone I got in touch with through a mutual friend and who I actually went to University with (small world). So I took up the opportunity to interview him for the blog about his experiences at Framestore.

Coors Light: Ice Bar

Really like the 80s feel of this advert for Coors Light. Great vfx work on the ice (and probably the mountain scenery too) by Framestore.