Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken – ‘Stagley’

Fantastic work on this image by the team at Taylor James. Check out the making of video on their site which has a few behind the scenes images.

like Founder – Raorohith

Whoa, very impressive caricature of Mark Zuckerberg by Raorohith. Impressive sculpting, material and rendering work.

Touch Of God

Whoa, very cool work by Daniel Sian on this image. Really like the influence of the Sims.

Tiger eat fish

Incredibly image by Antonio Peres Vieira Filho of a Tiger with a fish in it’s mouth. Looks incredibly realistic, especially the splashing water and fur on the tiger.


Very impressive Self Portrait by Ian Spriggs. Really like the detail in the texture and the lighting in the image.

Chevrolet Cruze – Aniket Bhatkar

Whoa! Incredibly realistic looking car model by Aniket Bhatkar. Like the way the sun reflects on the car.

The FireFly Cottage

Impressive image of FireFly Cottage by Ifthikhar Abdul Nasser. Very impressive use of lighting and modelling work. Find out more about this scene here.

Mad Dog

Brilliant detailed image by Maciek Ptaszynski. Great modelling and lighting work.