100 Hours: The ultimate video training resource for artists

Really like this idea, 100 hours of videos from well know 3D artists. I hope you guys all get the time to checkout the video and back the project.

3DTotal Kickstarter! The Art of Loish

I have no idea how they did it but the 3DTotal team have managed to get this Kickstarter funded in less than 2 hours!! Very impressive stuff. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider funding this great book yourself.

How to Keep a Sketch Journal

The team at 3DTotal have put together another great Kickstarter campaign for those who like to sketch on the move. Check it out and back the project if you’re interested in it.

SIX New Reference Figures! – 3DTotal

I know I’ve posted this Kickstarter already some time ago by 3DTotal but they’ve added a new female planar anatomy figure to the mix, that’s insane. Also check out the free anatomy tutorial below.

5 New Male Reference Figures – 3DTotal

Kicking off this week with a new Kickstarter by 3DTotal (sorry, couldn’t help it). Really impressive looking anatomical figures, like the inclusion of the mechsuit.