New 3dtotal Maya book now on pre-order!

3DTotal have a new step-by-step guide on Maya written by 3D animator and trainer Jahirul Amin which includes in-depth chapters on anatomy to provide the reader with a solid foundation on which to develop 3D character skills. It actually comes out on the 13th of April but it’s available to preorder now. Get it here.

The most detailed helicopter crash ever

This is probably the first interview I have done for a piece of work that hasn’t yet been finished. Alf Martin Løvvold 3D generalist at Gimpville created this spectacular 28 second short piece which contains an insane amount of detail, everything from the debris to the foliage to the people running and climbing around in the scene look like something out of a feature film. Below is a short interview about the Helicopter Crash scene.

BMW 2 Series Coupé – Spec Ad

Very impressive car model, rendering and cinematorgaphy by Zach LaPlante on this advert for BMW.

Model of a Pfalz DIII Airplane – Tutorial

There hasn’t been a tutorial on the blog in a while, possibly because they take a long time to write and put together. But the awesome guys at Autodesk decided to collaborate content wise and get one of their artists to put this together. Hope you enjoy it.