Vue Cinemas Ident

Great work on these idents for Vue by The Mill (or Mill+ I don’t know the difference), and edited by Victor Jory.


Very cool closing title for Trojan Horse was a Unicorn by Juice. I’ve heard so much about this conference, I might have to check it out sometime.

NIKE KD8 (Director’s cut)

Great show motion graphic piece by KORB for Nike. I wonder how they come up with ideas for things like this?

DIESEL – Melting Props

Very cool use of colour, music and slow motion fluid effects. Great work by the team at Serial Cut.

Fidelity – Your Move

Holy cow – fantastic work! Brilliant work Davide Pilia. Love the way everything animates into place and the use of colour, or lack of it.


Brilliant, artistic motion graphic piece by Tony Zagoraios and everyone else involved.


Wow, such a great short film. The colours and music go perfectly together. Brilliant work by Kim Taylor, might send him a few interview question to find out how he did it.


Very impressive motion graphic piece/ident by Bricktop, like the way all the way the camera moves to focus on all the items.

Stampsy Launch Video – AD cut

Great crazy motion graphic video for the launch of Stampsy Twistedpoly. I’m actually considering giving the app a try.

Becoming One

Whoa, very impressive animated short film by MoGrafik and everyone else involved. Great use of motion graphics, music and sound.

Europa Plus “The Music Machine”

Very cool detailed motion graphic piece for Europa Plus by Alex Mikhaylov.

Imagine – Motion Response

Brilliant Pausefest ID by Visual Playground. Like the fluid work, simulation and rendering work. Would love to know how they came up with this concept.