Heineken – Nature’s Wonder

Very cool advert for Heineken by the team at MPC. I always wondered where the Northern Lights came from.

Boots Christmas TV advert 2015

Very cool advert for Boots by MPC. Love that businesses are investing in getting good Christmas adverts.

Very – Christmas Advert – The Journey

Who would have thought Very would get a Christmas advert put together by MPC, great work. Very are going up in the world.

IKEA – Come home to play

A bat and a bird teach a robot to fly, now I’ve seen everything. Brilliant vfx work by the crew at MPC. Love the way everything made sense at the end – kinda.

A new Dimension in Denim Experience

This advert brought a smile to my face this morning. Another great advert by MPC, similar to the one below.

Mercedes GLA 2016 Shattered

Great advert for Mercedes by the team at MPC.

Hovis Good Inside TV Advert

Really impressive advert for Hovis by MPC. Apparently this is meant to be an updated version of an old advert from 1973, but I don’t think I’ve seen it before (I’m not that old).

Heineken | The Chase

New upcoming Bond film means new Bond inspired adverts. Great work for Heineken by MPC on this piece.

M&S: Art of Design TV Advert 2015

Very vibrant colourful advert by MPC for Marks and Spencer. Wonder how they did the paint throwing scenes?

New Balance – The Storm

Brilliant work by MPC on this advert for New Balance. Liking the colourful dust effect.

Nescafé Gold Blend, Dinosaurs

I’m surprised I haven’t come across this before. Very cool vfx work by the team at MPC and sound design by Raja Sehgal. Check out the making of here.

PERRIER – Hot Air Balloons – long version

Brilliant work by MPC Paris on this advert for Perrier. I have a feeling I’ve seen this advert before but cant remember where.