Summer House – Marco Garfì
summer house burgenland_02 1920x1246-min

Wow, very impressive work on these architectural visualisations by Marco Garfì. The work on lighting and foliage is fantastic.

Hendrix Flat – TIGREX

Really impressive image by the team at TIGREX on these images of Jimmy Hendrix. Looks incredibly realistic.

New Chinatown

Great visualisation piece by the guys at Uniform on their work for Liverpool’s Chinese chinatown renovation. It’s impressive how photorealistic some of these scenes look.

Branded Dreams – The Future Of Advertising

I kinda hope people don’t actually advertise like this in the future. Great work by Studio Smack nevertheless.

Free Mercedes-AMG Tour coming to #DRIVECLUB

This looks insanely photo realistic. Next Gen is truly here.

Escape from Tarkov – Cinematic

Really impressed with this cinematic for upcoming game Escape from Tarkov. Some of the scenes look almost photorealistic.

xVOID Movie

I remember when I posted work by Studio Aiko in the first issue of Ceiga and they’ve never stopped impressing me since. This piece is insanely good, especially the night stuff at the end. Great work guys.

Gran Hotel Miramar Virtual Art

Haven’t seen an arch vis piece in a while. Great work by VirtualArt on this.

3D Portrait of Annasophia Robb
Portrait of AnnaSophia Robb

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a3D image mainly because I don’t look at many of them, but this one really caught my eye. Amazing work by Hossein Diba.

Vin Sculpt

Wow, really impressive work Sandeep.V.S, looks so realistic. I wonder how many polys the whole thing is.


Very cool work by Digital District on this advert for Samsung. If those animals are CG then they look super photo realistic, would love to know how they put this together.

Summer rain in the city

Ridiculously impressive work by Marcin Jastrzebski on this image. I wonder what techniques he used to render the scene and create the rain?