Into Dusk – Short Film

Wow such a powerful short film, says so much without saying a lot. Fantastic work by Jason Ho and everyone else involved.

Great martian war

Really impressed by the way these cg robots have been blended in with this footage. Fantastic work by Christian Johnson and everyone else involved.

FILM_FX L3.0 (2014)

Very cute(ish) short film by ISART Digital and everyone else involved.

Space cat Hob

Fantastic independent short film by Loïc bramoullé, Pyramid, Olivier Michelot, Delapost Paris and everyone else involved. Would like to know how they came up with the idea for this.


Wow, such an amazing short film directed by David Weinstein and everyone else involved. Would love to know more about how it was made.


Interesting trailer for upcoming film Interstellar. I don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit tired of all these sci-fi films.

Automata Official Trailer

Finally found a decent trailer for this film. Looks really good.

Alien Isolation CGI Trailer

Fantastic CG trailer for Alien Isolation by Axis Animation, really like the fact they’ve made the Xenomorph more agile than the one in the film.


Great short film by Richard Mans and everyone else involved. Very impressive mechanical creature design and transformations. Find out more about the film here.

Why Are We Not Home Yet

Very interesting art style for this film. I’m not sure what the story behind this short is but I’d really like to know. Great work by Georg Fasswald.

BotWars Teaser

Really good teaser for upcoming short film BotWars by Alex & Steffen. Haven’t seen something from these guys in a while, probably becuase they were working on this. Here is the making of video.

Saturn – Evolution

Great advert by the team at BLR_VFX and Furia Digital for Saturn. Like the evolution of tech from steampunk to more futuristic sci-fi.