Very cool trailer for short film OUTSIDE by Shed. I’ve posted this quite late so if the film has already been released please let me know.

Locked up

Brilliant short film by Gabriel Grapperon. Great modelling work on the frogs and lighting on the scene.


Really interesting graduation film about about procreation and reproduction by Tim de Haan and everyone else involved. Really like the atmospheric and particle effects.


Beautiful short film by Erik Andersson. Love the use of black and white, cinematography and music used.

The Oystercatcher Catcher – Case Study

Written and directed by our animator Alex Boatman, The Oystercatcher Catcher is a sponsor reel inspired by the film noir theme of this year’s festival—and Pecker, the official Provincetown Film Festival (PIFF) mascot. The delightful animated story reveals that Pecker is no ordinary fedora-wearing private-eye.


Really interesting short film by Niles Heckman and everyone else involved. Love the detailed environment and the atmosphere created.

The Oystercatcher Catcher

Very well put together short film by the team at Gasket Studios. Really like the 50’s noir feel and the jazz music. I only wish this was a tiny bit longer.

In Vitro – Official Trailer

Really colourful interesting looking trailer for upcoming short film In Vitro. Great work by Alexia Schmidt and everyone else involved.

VRP – Teaser

This teaser for this short looks too happy, something has to go wrong right? Can’t wait to see what the VRP team whip up in this piece.

Birdz (extrait) / Supinfocom

I knew crows were evil. Very cool animation by Rubika and all the other Supinfocom students involved. I only think it ended too soon.


Such a good short film by the students at The Animation Workshop who put this together. I’d really like to see the storyboard for this.

Expiration Date

Surprisingly impressed by how good this short film was by Valve. I hope they do more of these in the future.