Nissan Rogue – Rocky Road

Great advert by the team at Radke and everyone else involved.

Sky Q advert: This is Fluid Viewing

Wow, very cool work on this advert by The Mill on for Sky Q. Still not 100% sure what Sky Q is but the colourful fluid particles is pretty awesome.

Anchor Milk Cloud

Great use of fluid simulation in this Anchor advert by Those milk clouds are so cool, I could watch them over and over again.

Granularity (video edit)

The render and simulation calculation time on this piece must have been insanely long, but definitely worth it. Interesting piece by redhoot and everyone else involved.


Fantastic visual spectacle by the team at Analog on this short.Great mixture between live action and cg, I had no idea there was a real life model in the film.

Marvel’s “Daredevil” Main Title

We’re all excited for the Daredevil tv series on Netflix, but have you taken the time to appreciate the intro video. Great work by the team at Elastic on this.

SPARK launch film

Insanely good motion graphic and simulation effects on this piece for Spark by Matt Simmons and everyone else involved.


Very cool use of fluid simulation by the team at Stink Shanghai. Like they way they formed the double helixes.

IKEA – T-Shirts

Incredibly impressive advert for IKEA by MPC and Blink, I can’t imagine how much work went into making the clothes animate realistically and with weather effects on top of that. Would really love to see a making of video.

2015 MDS – Happy new year

Very cool simple short new year film by MDSimulations. Well it’s probably a really complicated simulation but you know what I mean.


Very diverse motion graphic piece by Detroit Underground, Gabor Ekes, Drasko V and Kero. It looks like it was done with CINEMA4D but I can’t tell.