Far Cry Primal – Director’s Cut

Fantastic promo film for Far Cry Primal by ELASTIC. Love the slow motion and use of colours.

DIESEL – Melting Props

Very cool use of colour, music and slow motion fluid effects. Great work by the team at Serial Cut.

Hurley – the speed of motion

Brilliant visual spectacle by the team at Golden Wolf and everyone else involved.

Symmons – The Smart Choice

Very impressive work by the team at Taylor James for Symmons, like the way they’ve animated the tap slowly splitting apart into a million pieces.

2015 Honda Civic range

Such a brilliant advert by the team at MPC, like the use slow motion, colour and music. Need to find a case study of this.


Great work by Rory Mclean on this short film. Like the use of music, slo motion rendering and fluid simulation.


Brilliant work by APARTJAIL on this advert for Dolby. I thought this was an advert for insurance or something at first but I really like the way this came together.

Pure – Motion Response by hiorganic for Pause Fest 2015

Very cool slow motion fluid effects by the team at Hi Organic for Pause Fest 2015.


Here’s something different. A very well lit and rendered scene of two insects. Love the cinematography and slow motion work by Ramteen.

THU Official Spot 2014

Fantastic work by the team who put this together for Trojan Horse was a Unicorn. Really like the blood and slow motion scenes.


Wow, such an interesting short film by the team at Pixelhunters, wasn’t expecting that dance scene near the end.

NFL Sunday Ticket

Whoa, great powerful superhero adverts for the NFL by The Mill. So much particles and slow motion.