Schick Hydro – Robot Razors

Here is just one of the many adverts the Mill must have produced for 2016’s Super Bowl. Love the transformers idea used in this.

The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open ft. Beck

Brilliant work by the Mill on the visual effects for this Chemical Brothers music video. The cloth work is what impresses me the most. I can’t tell the difference between the live action and 3D cloth.

Star Wars: Battlefront – Become More Powerful

Nearly 6 million views on youtube already! Great work by The Mill on this advert for Star Wars: Battlefront. Do you Anna Kendrick is genuinely into Battlefront or they just got her for the ad?

BT Mobile | The power of 4G & wi-fi

Haven’t seen Willem Dafoe in anything since Beyond: Two Souls, interesting look. Great vfx work on this advert by The Mill.

Finish “DISHES”

Love this advert by The Mill for Finish. Every situation requires dishes.

Game of War: Unite the World

Very cool advert for Game of War by the Mill. I don’t get how this game is so popular. Dance

Brilliant work by the Mill on this advert for Great vfx and rendering on the dancing robots.

The Dunk to End All Dunks

Such a cheesy advert, I love it. Great work by the team at The Mill.


Brilliant colourful video for AZEL PHARA by the Mill. I wish I knew the reason for them making a video like this, I bet it has something to do with war.

PlayStation Vue: Exclusive Commercial

Great work by The Mill on this advert for Playstation, I hope Vue comes to the UK soon, I’d really like to try it out.

D&AD Awards 2015 Title Sequence

Very slick intro sequence for D&AD by The Mill. Really like the fashion feel and the brown mountains, something about them is special, can’t put my finger on it.

Audi ‘Birth’

Very cool work by the Mill for Audi. If only cars gave birth to other cars, that would be an incredible spectacle.